Tiffany Thompson, Teen Temptress

Tiffany Thompson may have just recently graduated from High School, but don't take her youth as a lack of experience. Tiffany Thompson is as sexy as any southern California girl can be, and she's never afraid to show off her lean body, carved firm after years of surfing."I went to Parochial School, and they never let us do anything fun. Now that I'm grown, I plan on trying everything I've only imagined over these past few years." A little rebellion is sweet in a teen, especially when she let us watch as she gave her boyfriend head. Tiffany Thompson is a bit of an exhibitionist, and having us watch seemed to fuel her efforts. She pulled off her leopard print cami while she bobbed up and down on his cock, then used her long fingers to jerk him off.

Her boyfriend seemed a little disappointed that she wasn't going to swallow his load, until he realized she was jerking him off onto her brand new titties. "I have always wanted a pearl necklace!" She pumped every last bit of his cum onto her chest, and as he fell onto the couch, sated, she stood up to her full height of 5'9" and began to rub his cum onto and between her breasts. "Mmmm, that was amazing!" she stated, green eyes ablaze with delight. Giving her boyfriend head in front of an audience, and being painted with cum, really turned Tiffany Thompson on as she rubbed in every last drop. After licking a remaining bit of cum off of her finger, Tiffany Thompson pulled off her black string bikini panties, and sat with the pristine grace of a young lady on her leather setee.

"Do you want to see some more?" she asked us, tossing her silky sable locks over her shoulder to gently graze her nipples. Tiffany Thompson then beckoned her boyfriend to come into the center of her spread legs. Her tight teen pussy glistening with wet, pulsing and quivering for some satisfaction for herself. She leaned back onto her lithe arms, letting us take all the pictures we wanted of this wanton woman. Opening her legs further, the black stilettos of her heels clacked on the hardwood floors, in steady rhythm to the grinding motions of her hips against her boyfriend's pelvis. Do you want to see some more? Do you want to know about all the other fantasies Tiffany Thompson is just aching to try in real life? Want to be her next pleasure partner? Sign up to gain exclusive access to Tiffany Thompson, and thousands of equally tempting teens, only at

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Ashley Abott Your Personal Cheerleader

Ashley Abott loves being on the road, traveling from town to town to cheer for her team. "We stay in a lot of hotels! Sometimes I have to bunk with a member of my squad, and sometimes we get a room all to ourselves... so we can get away with having some private time with our favorite player." Ashley Abott has just gotten in from the hotel's pool, where she and the girls had spent the afternoon unwinding after an early morning practice. Her tanned skin is smooth beneath her playful outfit of bikini top, shorts and argyle knee-high socks. "We had a great session this morning! I can't wait until I'm cheer leading professionally! I love this lifestyle."

She begins to untie the strings of her bikini, revealing that she has no tan lines on her torso. "I know that there are laws about indecent exposure and all, but nobody ever tells us to put our tops back on. No matter where we travel to, we have always gotten away with it. Hmmm, maybe those rules don't like apply to cheerleaders? You know? Like, being tan is part of our jobs." Ashley Abott's teen titties jiggle as she removes and tosses her bikini across the room. She quickly unzips her shorts and slides the down her long, lean, muscular legs. "So, this afternoon I finally convinced one of the linebackers to come over to my room. I think it's like, my duty to get to know all the new players on the team. And OMG, he is so cute!"

Ashley Abott prepares to meet her new beau wearing nothing but her socks and blue polka-dot thong. After checking the time on the hotel room's alarm clock, Ashley Abott poses, determining which position will be most inviting. She's given him the spare key to her room so he can just let himself in... in so many ways. She's already excited about her coming encounter, and her pussy is wet and swollen. Her lips spread as the fabric of her panties begins to ride up between them. "I don't know what we'll actually do. But I'm totally going to pretend he caught me changing clothes, and see where things go." And everyone knows, a happy player is a scoring player, so Ashley Abott is always happy to take one for the team! Wouldn't you love to be that lucky stud? To have your own personal cheering squad, doing all she can to keep you up? Ashley Abott, among thousands of hot and horny teens, is waiting for you at

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Jessica Neight Sweet and Sexy

Jessica Neight is spending her lazy summer morning lounging around in bed. Not having to get up to attend school, since she recently graduated, she's not quite used to the freedom to just enjoy herself. Wearing a pink plaid bra and panty set, Jessica Neight sits in relaxed bliss while the late morning sunshine streams in through her windows. They yellow satin of her comforter feels so cool and silky against her tender teen skin. She's decided to lounge in her room all day, and just daydream about the bright future she has planned... along with all the naughty things she can experience once she moves out of her parents' house, and into her own place in New York City.

Jessica Neight is a stunning, sunny blonde. Her highlights shimmer in the late morning sun, and she toys with a tendril of hair as she dreams about all the great adventures she's going to have. The room is starting to get warmer, though, and Jessica Neight decides she can take off her bra, since she's home alone. Slipping off of her shoulder first one strap and then the other, she reaches around to unclasp it, releasing her sweet teen titties. Rubbing her breasts and nipples starts to excite her, so she pulls off her panties, too. Jessica Neight's sexuality is just beginning to blossom, and she's still a little nervous about masturbating- she's afraid it might be considered cheating on her boyfriend. But being naked just feels so naughty, which is very exciting to her.

Bent over the bed in a delicious doggy, her pink pearl glistens with her wet excitement. "I've always had this fantasy that a sexy man is giving me a massage. I'm already naked, you know, and his hands are all over my body. And when I can't take it anymore, it feels so good, you know, he pulls me up by my hips and starts eating my pussy." Jessica Neight's fantasy isn't far from reality, because her sweet pink meat looks enticingly delicious. Plus, she's primed to take a pounding in this position, too! "I think that when I'm famous I can take my pick of masseurs," she giggles, "I could have a different one every week!" Apparently, Jessica Neight has plans to be promiscuous... and you have the opportunity to sample her while she's still young and fresh. Only on, your premiere source for sweet teen models and all of their naughty fantasies!

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Tiffany Thompson Teen Titties

We met up with Tiffany Thompson for her interview on a typical, sunny SoCal day. We asked what Tiffany Thompson's plans are for the future, and she gladly told all. "I applied to several Universities, but I totally hope I get into UCLA! I never want to be farther than a few hours drive from the beach." Tiffany Thompson's long, silky sable hair and green eyes make her one of our most exotic teen models yet. With a youthful body, firm from years of surfing, Tiffany Thompson is accustomed to showing it off. She had no issues stripping out of her shorts to show us how cute her teen ass looked framed in striped boyshort bikini bottoms. "I just bought them. Aren't they so cute?" she asks.

Tiffany Thompson couln't wait to fill us in on all the fun she's had since her graduation party. "My dad gave me a huge sum of money for graduation. He told me if I graduated early, he'd give me the value of the tuition he'd have to pay to the Parochial School. I'm no dummy! I worked hard, graduated a year early, and spent the money on these..." she confessed as she pulled down the top of her cami, proudly bearing her new titties. "I've had so much fun showing these bad boys off, especially after having to wear a uniform all through school." Does her daddy know what she did with his 'education fund'? "This is Orange County," she tosses the question aside, "what kind of self respecting girl doesn't have a little work done?"

New tan lines on her breasts show she's been tanning today, her tender teen skin showing the emerging red of what will soon be a deep bronze. "I don't want to show up the pale girl on the UCLA campus. I've been teased enough, just having to go to Catholic school. OMG!" Tiffany Thompson rolls her gorgeous green eyes and giggles. That certainly explains where she acquired her knee high sock fetish. "It's so funny. I'm tan from head to toe, but my calves are always a bit paler." Does she have such narrow tan lines elsewhere? Or is there evidence that Tiffany Thompson does a little nude sunbathing? Want to find out? See more, so much more, of Tiffany Thompson at It's the only place online to find thousands of the hottest teens beyond your wildest dreams.

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Ashley Abott Hardcore Training

Ashley Abott is very dedicated to performing perfectly, both on and off the field. And she's quickly learning that being a beautiful cheerleader isn't all about dance moves. It's about keeping her players and her fans happy. Ashley Abott is meeting with her cheer trainer for a private session- it seems she's getting a bad reputation and seen as a selfish girl- and he's worried that if he doesn't catch her early on, she'll never make it to the top. Her trainer starts their session by telling her about this rumor. Obviously upset by this news, Ashley Abott asks her coach what she can do to remedy this situation, and he responds by offering her his huge, hard cock. "Mmmm, want me to fuck you?" she asks. No, she needs to learn to please, so he tells her to suck it.

Ashley Abott shows her dedication to the team by sucking that huge, hard cock like a champ, trying to take it deeper into her throat with every bob of her beautiful blonde head. Gripping the shaft, her wet mouth leaking down over his balls while he sits back and enjoys it. But she's never sucked on a cock as big as her coach's, and her jaws start to ache. He encourages her to suck on his big tool for another few minutes, fingering her so that she learns to enjoy giving head. The sight of her luscious, tanned teen ass is too much to resist, so he positions her bent over his leather office couch and starts pounding her tender, wet pussy. His big cock stretches her tight teen pussy, and her torpedo titties bounce as he pushes deeper and deeper into her.

He teaches her, next, how to always position herself for maximum viewing pleasure. As he pushes into her tight teen pussy, his long schlong slips with much satisfaction in and out of her wet pussy. He tells her to spread her legs wide open so that her swollen clit is fully displayed, forcing her cunt to swallow his cock by pushing her farther down by her hips. Ashley Abott's body has never been used so well. He alters his pace so she can learn to take it in all the ways he can give it, and she climaxes her creamy teen juice all over his huge cock. Her pussy's throbbing climax excites the coach, but he knows he shouldn't nut inside her. He pulls out and teaches this horny cheerleader another way to take his load- all with a smile! See the sexy finish to a very productive session on your premiere source for creamy teen hardcore action!

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Nolita Sweet as Cherry Pie

Nolita is looking super cute today because she's having her best friend over for lunch. She's had a crush on him since she was 6, and one of her wildest fantasies is to have sex with him! Every time they hang out, Nolita makes sure to look her flirty best- in hopes that he'll one day want to have more than just a platonic relationship. She's decided to wear a white, ruffled peasant top (without a bra), and red lacy leggings to draw his attention to her youthful curves, and to indicate her red hot passion for him. Just thinking about the possibility that this could be the afternoon of her fantasies gets Nolita horny! She begins by lifting her blouse so she can play with her teen titties, imagining his hands are rubbing them.

"Maybe I should meet him at the door like this?" she ponders, pulling her blouse over her long chestnut hair. Lace bands accent her curvy calves, and her leggings are tight and accentuate the firmness of her teen body, especially her cute teen ass. The only problem with tight pants, though, is that when Nolita gets wet with excitement, it shows! But that's okay. Maybe that's just the thing to show her best guy friend how much she still desires him! As she waits for his arrival, she looks around the kitchen to make sure there's nothing more enticing to eat than she. Thinking about his lips and tongue on her tender teen clit makes her even more horny. Nolita's creamy teen pussy is as sweet and juicy as cherry pie!

"I guess I would be happy if he just played with my titts. I know he loves breasts!" Nolita jiggles her sweet teen titties, creamy and capped with large, dusty rose areolas and rosebud nipples. Nolita begins rubbing her breasts again, pinching her nipples as they harden with excitement. Nolita is already excited, so this only heightens her arousal, and eventually she trails her hand down to her wet crotch. Rubbing her clit through the fabric of her leggings, Nolita builds her climax with each stroke against her teen pussy lips. She whimpers and breathes hard as her climax peaks, and her sweet teen pussy juices drench her pants. She's finished just in time, too, because the buddy she's been masturbating to is knocking on her front door. Sweet Nolita! Get to know more about her, or pick from thousands of hot and horny teens to suit your pleasure, at Hurry! Opportunity for ultimate satisfaction is knocking.

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Praskovia Creamy Teen Pussy

Praskovia is a very flirty Russian teen who's working hard to become a chef. But she keeps a print of a bottle of red wine to remind her of life's little pleasures; and her goal of moving to France fresh in her mind. Tonight is all pleasure, too, as Praskovia struts around her flat in white lace. Her silky, long blonde hair tickles her teen titties as she shares her sexual experiences with us. "Sex is like food in many ways," Praskovia informs us, "it can vary so much in form and variety, but it is vital to well-being." Praskovia straddles the couch, her coral red fingertips the only color contrasting her heavenly appearance. Satiny white straps lace up her bodice, tauntingly concealing her firm teen titties.

Removing her white lace teddy, Praskovia continues her explanation. "Stripping lingerie from the body is like peeling back the layers of your dish. Eating the toppings to save the meat of the dish for last. I love to cook for my lover, to feed him well with good wine and good company. But I am not a baker. I do not make desserts. And why should I, when I think my creamy pussy is the sweet ending of the meal?!?" she laughs. Praskovia definitely looks sweet enough to eat, wearing a ruffled miniskirt and white lace stockings. She tugs at her panties, toying with the eyes, until she pulls them entirely off. "Talking about food turns me on, but talking about sex makes me hungry!"

"My ex boyfriend teased me all the time. He said I was like whipped cream- creamy white and always on top!" Praskovia giggles. "It is a joke, but it is probably true. I enjoy giving my lover head, sucking him until he's ready to cum, and then crawling up with kisses to his mouth while I climb on top of his hard and wet cock." Praskovia moans as she recounts her favorite sexual preference. Kneeling on all fours, Praskovia looks ready to mount or be mounted from behind. "Either one, as long as all the delicious elements are there. C'est magnifique!" With red hearted backseam stockings still gracing her lithe teen body, Praskovia sounds much older and more experienced than most girls her age. She delights in every sensual aspect of life! Want to know more about all the pleasures Praskovia enjoys? Want more of this luscious Russian- perhaps to top your favorite dessert? Meet her, and thousands of teen treats, only at

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Verasha Shower Time Toy

Verasha is getting ready for her evening ritual: a long, hot shower and an even hotter masturbation! Since Verasha doesn't have to live in a dorm, she's got all the privacy she needs to keep her sex drive amped up with regularly scheduled 'maintenance' like this. She's wearing the red plaid shirt and yellow thong panties she went to school in, but she's traded out her high heels for cute shower shoes. "It's been such a long day!" Verasha sighs. "I won't be able to relax until I cum." She's got her favorite dance mix playing in the background, and Verasha starts her ritual bath with dancing, swaying her body to the music, getting her body heated up for a steamy sexual experience.

Verasha slowly strips out of her plaid shirt, admiring her lean teen body in the vanity mirror. Her small breasts jiggle lightly, and she pinches her nipples to get them nice and hard. Swaying her hips, she begins to roll her panties off over her round, narrow hips, slowly easing the elastic sides down one slow, tantalizing inch at a time. Long, straight red hair tickles the skin all down her back and shoulders, sending prickling, tickling sensations that excite the nerve endings in her porcelain skin. Bending over the vanity to retrieve her favorite toy from its hiding place, Verasha shows us where she likes to be fucked: in her tight teen pussy, and in her round ass. Verasha is built to take it in all three holes, all in one sexual session!

"This is the toy I use when I masturbate." Verasha produces a foot long, clear acrylic dildo from its secret hiding place and smiles a sexy grin. "I rub it all over my body, touching every part, because each sensation gives me a different kind of thrill. It helps to wake up my whole body to pleasure." Verasha runs the long dildo over almost every inch of her porcelain skin, softly sighing as she relaxes into a zen state of arousal. She sucks on the tip of the dildo, getting it nice and wet for entry. She trails the toy down over her nipples and torso until it finds home in between her legs. She teases herself with the head on her clit until desire overtakes her, and Verasha can't help but push her dildo deep into her aching and hungry pussy. You can watch all the action on Meet Verasha and thousands of equally hot and horny teens just waiting to please themselves and you!

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Nolita Sweet Teen Dreams

Nolita is a 19 year old tease, who met up with us for her interview wearing leopard print lingerie under her blue jeans. "I have to go to work right after this, so this is how I dress for the dance club." Her sparkling hazel-green eyes held us captive as she giggled through the interview process, and Nolita blushed so innocently when we asked her about her sexual experiences. "I used to kiss on all my brother's friends growing up. They thought I was a pest, but I loved to sneak up on them and just kiss one randomly. I think they secretly liked it, too. My brother hated it though and always told me to go play somewhere else." she recalled, laughing and blushing, about the sexy game she played for several years into puberty.

"One day, my brother's best friend was expecting me. I went to sneak around from behind him and kiss his cheek, but he turned his head and kissed me on the lips! I was surprised because he'd always run away from me faster than the other boys. But he kissed me, and then he put his tongue in my mouth." Nolita began tugging at the thong back of her panties while she told us her story and posed for the camera. "We kept it secret from my brother for a long time. Every time we had the chance, we would do a little more kissing, a little more touching. He was the one who taught me how to give head. He was so sweet to me!" Brushing aside the topic of first love, Nolita asked if we could use these pictures of her creamy teen body to help her attain a very secret fantasy for her future: she wants to be a mail-order bride.

Pulling off her leopard print tube top, Nolita shows off her perfect teen titties and the creamy and tight form of her body. "Isn't that idea so romantic? You go to live with a complete stranger, someone you know nothing about, and have to learn everything about this person from scratch. You have to learn how to please them and how to love them. Men in America appreciate beautiful women, and are more exciting than men in Czechoslovakia." Modeling all the sweetness she has to offer, Nolita turns on her teen charm wearing nothing but a tiny thong! "I would be a very good wife! I would love to give my husband head every day to show him my love for him. I would give him 10 kids if he wanted. I would be very happy with that!" And wouldn't you? Learn more about Nolita exclusively on the internet's premiere source for wanton and willing teens- along with thousands of other choice beauties just waiting to please you!

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Praskovia Showers Her Pussy

Praskovia is our newest Russian blonde bombshell. This flirty teen has just woken up from a very sexy dream, and she's creamed the panties of her blue ruffled babydoll. With her sweet teen pussy still wet and tingling, and her long blonde locks mussed, she can't go into work looking like she's been having sex all night! Shower time for this dirty girl! Stretching out her long, long legs, Praskovia considers their appreciable length and tone- they are, after all, her favorite body part- sighing that it's already time to shave them. Think she'll take the time to shave any other body parts while she's in the shower?

After peeling off the lacy babydoll, Praskovia stretches each part of her long, lithe body. Arching her back, Praskovia's tiny teen titties reach high into the air, her nipples stiffening in the cool air of the bathroom. She stretches her long arms overhead while her back is still arched, her hips and tight teen ass thrust out behind her. Yawning, Praskovia is still wanting to be lost in slumber as the images of her sexy dream roll through her mind. Wearing nothing but the blue thong panty, Praskovia stretches one last time, wishing the hands of her sexy dream lover were still upon her creamy skin. She turns on the water, letting it run until the temperature is just right for her tender skin before she steps into the tub.

Praskovia runs the warm water over her long body, relishing the sensation as the water trickles over her shaved pussy and excited clitoris. As each droplet trails its way down her silky skin, she focuses the spray on her tiny teen breasts. Praskovia loves to get wet, as long as the water is never hot enough to burn, and moans softly as the water thrums against her sensitive nipples. Each sensation invokes her already heightened state of pleasure, so she moves the shower wand farther down her body until she can feel the spray directly on her tight teen pussy. Praskovia works the wand back and forth along her clitoris until she moans her final wave of pleasure, her morning orgasm rippling through her body until her toes curl! Want to help Praskovia in her morning routine? She'd love to have your hands running along her slippery, creamy skin! Help Praskovia work off her daily sexual frustration, only at your premiere source for the sexiest international teens available.

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