Mae Myers Sheer Night Gown

Mae Myers, a nineteen year old beauty with a smoking hot body who is really obsessed with lingerie. "I think I might have a lingerie fetish." Mae says with a laugh. "I have tons and tons of lingerie but I am always wanting to buy more. Its almost like an addiction!" Mae exclaims with another cute laugh. Well, there are worst addictions to have and this particular one seems to actually compliment her very well. She looks amazing in an all white lace night dress that hugs her curves in all the right places. Her blue eyes and soft curls also give her a somewhat angelic look but something tells me she's not so angelic...

Mae parades around her white bedroom admiring the way she looks in her new lingerie and loving how sexy it makes her feel. "I look hot in this don't I?" Mae asks me as she stands on her white fuzzy rug striking a series of seductive poses that emphasize her many assets. I tell her that of course she looks smoking hot in the lingerie but she would probably look even hotter without it. "You mean naked?" Mae asks in a playful way. I think she was trying to tease me and I must say...I didn't mind it at all. Mae turned around and bent over just enough so that just the bottom part of her ass peeked out the bottom of her super short nightie. She smiled over her shoulder at me and then reached back and gave her ass cheek a good squeeze.

"So..." Mae says to me, "What your saying is you do like this night dress, but you think it would look better on the floor. Am I right?" Right! Mae giggles. Even her laugh is sexy. She slips the nightie off in a flash and just like that- poof! She's naked! And I was right; she does look even better naked. Perfect body; full round breasts, flat stomach, nice ass, long legs, and what she has hidden between those legs is the best part. Come on in and see for yourself, only at

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Alexis Venton Pussy Pleasure

Alexis Venton is a super sexy twenty two year old American girl who just got home from a formal dinner date and was feeling just a little on the naughty side. She sat on a lounge chair in her strapless red dress and black open toed heels and told me all about this formal dinner and the fancy people there. When she started to tell me about a certain hot guy she'd been watching from across the room, Alexis started spreading her legs open slightly, and little by little, she had her dress pulled up and I had a very good view of her black lace panties. When Alexis noticed me looking at them, she pulled one of her legs up on the chair to give me an even better view.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then she said, "I guess it's okay that I didn't take that guy home when I have you here to play with." We both giggled. Then Alexis stood up and pulled her dress off over her head and let it fall to the floor. She looked so hot in just her sheer black panties and black heels. "So... Alexis ventured, shall I strip for you?" And of course I nodded my head and said, Yes! Alexis smiled and giggled again. Then she started sliding the sheer black panties down her long and slender legs, showing me her completely shaved pussy. She kicked the panties aside and then kicked off her heels as well. She climbed onto the chair to give me a great view of her nice round ass. Alexis threw a sexy look over her shoulder before continuing her strip tease.

Alexis turned around and sat back down in the chair to show me the full frontal view of her small and perky tits and nice, flat stomach. She then spread her legs open for me so I could see everything she had hidden in between. Alexis then reached one hand down to her pussy and slowly started to rub herself. See more of Alexis Venton in this sexy scene, only at!

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Natali Sweets Fork Fuck

Natali Sweet is fun and super sweet, like her name tells us. She is a hard worker from Czech Republic. She is twenty-two and really loves to spoon with guys AND with girls. But today, Natali is all alone so she had to compromise and instead of spoon she had to...fork! Well, fork-fuck. She's in her kitchen feeling frisky, when she finds herself eyeing her silverware droor. She looks over the knives and spoons, finally resting her eyes on a fork. Her mind went into naughty overdrive. First she pulled her strapless shirt down below her nice, perky breasts, making her nipples nice and hard. Then she unzipped her white skirt and slid it down to show off her blue panties. She was feeling more and more naughty by the second.

Then Natali ripped off her remaining clothes, stripping herself down to nothing except for her sky blue shirt which she didn't bother taking the time to remove from her waist. Then she pulled herself up on top of the counter and crawled across it like a sexy panther until she reached the fork she'd had her eye on. She wasn't sure why, but for some reason, the thought of sticking a foreign object inside her tight pussy really turned her on like crazy! She felt herself starting to get all wet with excitement. Natali picked up the desired object, looked it over, and got it nice and wet with her tongue. Then she leaned sideways on her elbow and, with one hand, she pulled her wet pussy open wide. Then, with her other hand, she slowly slid the smooth end of the fork deep inside herself. She loved the way the cold steel felt inside her warm wetness.

Natali leaned her head back, closed her eyes and let herself go. She was thoroughly pleasuring herself and Natali smiled at how good she could make herself feel with the end of a fork! Her pussy was getting soaking wet as she moved her hot body up and down against the fork. Teasing herself a little, Natalie slid out the fork and brought it up to her lips to taste herself. She covered every inch of the fork with her tongue, not missing a drop. You guys know that is hot as fuck and you will not want to miss what else Natali can do with that fork so come and see it all right now, only at

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Sexy Mae Myers Bathroom Fun

Mae Myers is a sweet nineteen year old Southern Belle from Texas who enjoys yoga, shopping, painting...and other things too. We were in her bathroom one morning after a long night out on the town, when she told me this. "I really like yoga because it keeps me in shape and its also very calming and relaxing." Mae smiled and went on, "I like painting because I'm a very artistic person and its something that I've always been good at. And I like shopping because...well that one's pretty obvious isn't? She laughed."What respectable girl doesn't like shopping?" I had to agree with her. "Even what I have on now" Mae continued, "I just bought this whole nightie set yesterday on a super fun shopping spree!" Mae giggled, "Actually it was mostly just a lingerie shopping spree." She looked so cute as she told me this so I asked her if she would show me the whole sexy ensemble..

Mae looked at me with sensual blue eyes, gave me a naughty smile, and then started slowly rubbing her hands over the top of her sheer, lace night gown. It was light blue and completely see through and completely hot. Mae ran her hands over her nice cleavage, breasts, down her flat stomach, and even lower until she reached the bottom of her lingerie nightgown. "Do you like it?" She asked me, "Its called a baby doll." I told her I loved it and that she just taught me something new about lingerie. Mae laughed and turned around to show me the back of her 'baby doll' and it looked even better from the back. I could see her matching thong through the sheer lace and that was a huge turn on in a teasing way. Then Mae slowly began to lift up the sheer material so that her ass slowly started to come into view. And what an ass. Round and firm. I had a sudden urge to spank it. She must have read my mind because right then, she spanked that nice ass herself!

Mae giggled and lifted her nightgown all the way up over her head, tossed it on the bathroom counter, and then turned to face me. Her naked breasts were full and round and looking right at me. I only tore my eyes away from them when Mae leaned over to slide her panties down her long legs. She was completely shaved and had a cute tattoo just below her waist. Mae gave me a long seductive look and then I knew what was going to happen next. See for yourself only at!

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Alexis Venton Hardcore Flanel

Alexis Venton has always wanted to meet a smoking hot guy at the bar and have him take her home to him and his girlfriend. Well the girlfriend wasn't around but the guy is hot that she couldn't help herself. "I love when a guy is forceful in bed and can spin me around his hard cock." Alexis tells her new found lover this as he bends her over in the reverse cowgirl postion, her second favorite positions for sex. She leans down and she can feel his cock deeper and deeper inside her wet pussy. He spreads her ass apart so we can get a better view of all the action.

"If I rub my clit just like this while you fuck me, I get even more pleasure and my pussy drips more." She starts to run herself faster and faster as he thursts himself faster and faster. You can see her nipples getting harder and harder the closer she gets to orgasm. You can almost reach out and grab them and suck on them from the screen. She is so turned on, she didn't even take the time to take off all her clothes. All she could think of was fucking this guy as long as she could. Her shaved pussy grinds against him giving him extreme pleasure with her petite frame. She throws her legs up in his chest and he holds on tight to them.

"The best way to me off is doggy style. I am ready. Bend me over and fuck me hard."He quickly turns her around and puts her on all fours. She begs for him to go faster and faster. Soon, she can no longer hold in all the satisfadction she is getting. Come see this hardcore fucking video inside Today. You will see Alexis and hundreds of other hardcore babes on the free tour.

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Redhead Kylie Sky Bathroom Fun

Kylie Sky is all ready to get herself squeaky clean in this steamy hot bubble bath scene. I wouldn't mind taking a bath with this hot eighteen year old. Kylie is an athletic California girl who especially likes volleyball and it shows. Her body is damn near close to perfect with her rock hard abs, cute round ass, and nice, full breasts. She definitely doesn't look bad naked, that's for sure. And she is really comfortable with her body which is a huge turn on. She walks around the bathroom completely naked, filling up the tub and getting the bubbles all ready for her.

When her bath is ready for her, Kylie grabs some bubbles off the top and rubs them over her ass and chest. She gives the camera a nice shot of her ass covered in bubbles, and looks over her shoulder with a naughty smile before hopping onto the side of the tub to cover her legs in bubbles as well. Once she has fully covered her legs with bubbles, Kylie slowly starts to spread them open for the camera. She gives the camera a big smile. You can tell she is having a lot of fun with this scene. She dips her toes into the water and says, "It feels nice and warm." So she hops all the way in to soak herself in the warm bubble bath.

After luxuriating for a little while, Kylie hauls her hot ass out of the tub and grabs a towel. Her body is still covered in bubbles but we can still see glimpses of her hot shaved pussy, super flat stomach, and nice tits with hard nipples. She starts to dry herself off and then gives the camera another naughty smile as if to say, Now follow me... Then she turns and saunters out of the bathroom. See what happens next only at

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Princess Shelly Roberts

Shelly Roberts is all dressed up and she is looking as pretty as a princess. She is a twenty year old sweet heart from the United Kingdom, where all young girls dream about becoming a princess someday. Well, in Shelly's case, her dream has come true because here she is looking like royalty in a tiara and a sexy lace up corset, white boy-short panties, matching garter belt, and white lace stockings. So she isn't your average princess, she is more of a naughty princess, which is just how we want her. "Being a princess is one of my top favorite fantasies." Shelly says, "Right behind having a threesome with a random couple." Yes, Shelly is a very naughty princess indeed.

Shelly starts pulling down the straps of her corset. She does one at a time, leaving her shoulders bare, and then she rubs her hands over the top of the corset and slowly starts to pull it down, revealing more and more cleavage until finally, her tits pop all the way out the top. She rubs her hands over her nipples, making them hard, and then gives the camera a sensual smile before beginning to remove her garter belt. She slips it off, tosses it to the side and then begins unlacing the corset. "It must have been a lot of work to get naked back in the days when girls always wore all of this stuff underneath their dresses!" Shelly said with a laugh. "Definitely not easy access!"

Shelly finally got out of the corset and tossed it aside. She stood up, now topless and looking hot in only her white panties and stockings. She turned around and got back onto the bed, standing on her knees to give us a nice view of her cute ass in the white, lacey panties and her sexy little tattoo at the small of her back. Shelly smiled playfully over her shoulder and started pulling down the panties inch by inch in a sexy, teasing way. See what Shelly does next only at

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Kitchen Play Time

Gina Devine is a sexy, twenty one year old hottie from Czech Republic. She has long dark hair and a super petite and tight little body. She was just about to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath but realized she needed to wash her dishes first. So as she washed, Gina suddenly got turned on (as she often does) and she just could not wait until her bath. She started rubbing the bubbles from the sink over her chest, soaking her tits through the white top she was wearing. She kept rubbing until she finally pulled the top down so she could rub her bare breasts. When her tits and chest were covered in bubbles, Gina slowly moved her hands down her stomach to her yellow shorts and started pulling them down inch by inch with her bubble covered hands.

Gina slipped off her yellow shorts, tossed them to the side, and started to rub the bubbles all over her nice ass and down the back of her long sexy legs, soaking her knee socks as well. But she didn't care, the wetness felt so good against her skin. Gina lifted one of her legs and rested it on top of the counter so she could completely cover every body part in bubbles, not leaving an inch untouched. Finally, Gina was fully covered, her white shirt soaked, her tits poking through, and the only other clothing she had on, her socks, which were completely soaked through as well. Gina smiled as she looked at the mess she had made.

Gina was feeling really horny now. She pulled her soaked body up onto the counter. She had bubbles covering her tits and running down her chest and her flat stomach and between her legs. It felt so nice. She spread her legs open wide and slowly moved her hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy. Gina is about to get herself even more, see it for yourself, only at

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Kylie Sky Strip Tease

Meet Kylie Sky, this cute and sexy eighteen year old brunette with a super hot body and an adorable smile. She is wearing a yellow tank top and matching yellow g-string panties for our viewing pleasure today and she might even be about to take off this sexy outfit and show us her even sexier body she has hiding underneath. Kylie sits on her knees on a black leather couch and tells us about how much she loves sex. "It's pretty much the best thing ever." Kylie says. "I don't see how some people can ever live without it!" Yeah, me either. As Kylie is saying this, she starts to pull up her tank top, revealing her wash board abs and and nice full breasts. Then she leans back on her hands and smiles right into the camera.

Kylie pulls the shirt all the way up over her head and tosses it aside and then she stands up for us, turns around, and slowly and erotically starts to slide off her yellow panties. After she kicks them off, our photographer compliments her on her nice round ass. Kylie smiles at him over her shoulder and says; "You like that?" And then she grabs her ass from underneath and lifts it up for him in a super sexy way. She really knows what looks good. Kylie also has a really sexy, little tattoo on her shoulder and her pink nails just add to her sex appeal.

After a little more ass play, Kylie turns around and shows off her sexy shaved pussy. Then she sits back down on the leather couch, lye's back to make herself comfortable, and throws one legs up on the couch to give us an even better view of that hot pussy. She slowly spreads her legs wider and wider and smiles up at the camera guy in a teasing and playful way. See Kylie get even more naughty for us, only at

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Shelly Roberts Naked Wet Fun

Shelly Roberts is a cute and sexy, twenty year old blonde from the United Kingdom and one of her favorite things to do is play in the pool "Well, actually" Shelly says, "One of my favorite things to do is lay out by the pool and work on my tan. But I do like to play in the pool as well." She says with a sweet laugh and a smile. Shelly's accent makes her even more sexy. Here is a girl that guys wouldn't mind listening to. Shelly piles her long blonde hair up on top of her head. and gets ready to soak herself with the hose. She is wearing a white tank-top with nothing underneath, bikini bottoms, and pink sunglasses. "My favorite color." She explains as she puts the sunglasses on top of her head. "Okay, I'm ready. Time to get myself all wet!" In more ways than one, we hope.

Shelly sprays the hose all over her white t-shirt and suddenly you can see her breasts and nipples poking through the wet shirt. So hot. If this was a wet t-shirt contest Shelly would, without a doubt, be the winner. After fully drenching herself, Shelly sets aside the hose and says, "Okay, time to free the twins." We assume she is talking about her tits because she then starts to peel down the top of her shirt and leans over, revealing her amazing breasts and hard nipples. Shelly smiles at us and keeps peeling downing the shirt to give us an even better view.

Shelly finally peels the wet t-shirt all the way off and tosses it to the side. She has a nice, flat stomach with a pierced belly button and when topless, her tits look even better. Shelly also reveals a sexy little tattoo at her waistline as she begins to peel down the wet bikini bottoms. She continues peeling them off slowly until her shaved pussy is also revealed. Then she slides out of them, kicks the bottoms aside and stands up, hands on hips, fully nude and displaying all of her sexiness just for us. But Shelly doesn't stop there, see what she does next, only at

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