Molly Bennett Pink Pussy

Cute, bubbly Molly Bennett is an eighteen year old sex kitten from the United States. Being only 18, she's only been doing adult modelling for a few months now and so far has loved every minute of it. "I LOVE posing naked and having sex on camera," Molly had told us when we interviewed her. "I had never even thought about doing it until after I turned 18, but now it's my dream job and I wouldn't trade it for anything." She's such a natural in front of the camera. She poses for us today in a curve-hugging mini skirt and thin pink tank top over a bra that pushes her boobs up for maximum cleavage. Her curvy hips and legs finish off a very feminine figure. This girl has an incredible body and she flaunts it so well.

Molly has fun stripping off her tank top and bra, playfully teasing the camera with her eyes as she strikes a series of sexy poses. Her perky titties are now on full display, and she reaches up with both hand and gives both nipples a little pinch and a tug, instantly making them hard from the sensation. "Do you like my boobies?" she asks. Before anybody could answer, she adds "I really like them. I think they're perfect the way they are. I don't mean to sound vain, but girls are almost never happy with their own natural boobs and it's sad because all boobs are beautiful, I think." I couldn't agree more. Well, at least for the most part. There are exceptions to every rule but Molly certainly doesn't fit that exception.

Chatting happily while she poses, Molly goes on to tell us about her experiences with other girls. Before she started having sex on camera, Molly had actually been with more girls than guys. "I'm not a lesbian or anything... it's just that I don't really like boys my own age, so in high school I tended to have my sexual fun with girls instead." That, of course, fills my mind with all sorts of naughty images, but I manage to stay focused on Molly and her hot mostly-naked body. Once her clothes are off and laying in a small pile on the floor, she takes a seat in the clear plastic chair. Molly leans back and scoots her butt forward, spreading her legs open to show off her little pink pussy. It's already flushed pink, her perfectly sized pussy lips sticking out only slightly from between her legs. As expected, her moist pussy is just as sexually arousing as the rest of her body. Molly is completely naked now but she isn't done yet. This sexy girl still has a lot of naughty left in her. If you want to see what Molly does next, go to, bringing you more than one thousand other hot and horny girls all waiting to please.

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Lacey Leveah Puffy Pussy Play

Sweet southern girl Lacey Leveah grew up in a pretty strict home, so she didn't get much of a chance to really explore the wild side that had been hiding inside of her for years. "My parents are pretty old-fashioned so I grew up thinking that girls shouldn't really enjoy being sexual, at least not until we get married. In fact, if my parents had their way, I'd still be a virgin!" she laughs. "But once I had sex for the first time, I knew something in me had really changed. I love everything about sex... with guys AND girls!" Although Lacey didn't tell us how many guys she's had sex with, she did admit that she's been with three girls. "In fact, my ultimate fantasy is to have a big slumber party with a bunch of hot girls. And we all have to bring a strap-on," she giggles. "And we'd all be using them on each other at once, like in one big strap-on sex circle," she adds, glancing off in the distance as if she's picturing it at that very moment. I know I was! That would be a sight to see, that's for sure! Lacey gets comfortable on the bed, wearing a tiny denim skirt with her cream-colored panties peeking out.

Lacey takes her time as she poses for the camera, slowly removing her clothing one item at a time and clearly enjoying the attention. By the time she has her skirt and panties off, I can see that her pussy is already moist. She pulled her yellow tank top down around her waist, exposing her soft ripe tits. Jumping up from the bed, Lacey turns and puts her leg up on the mattress and bends over just enough to make sure her puffy pussy is displayed below her hot little ass. I love the way her pussy lips protrude from between her legs. They're the kind of pussy lips that enjoy being nibbled and sucked. In fact, Lacey had told us during her interview, "I love my pussy! I think it's really pretty." I'm certainly not going to argue with that... Lacey does have a pretty pink pussy indeed!

After she settled back down on the bed, Lacey reached under her pillow and brought out a Magic Wand vibrator. "I don't use this thing very often. It gives me the most intense orgasms ever, but honestly I don't really use vibrators very often." She sort of blushed a little when she added "I'm always worried that they might make me lose some sensitivity in my clit." I'm not sure if her concerns are valid or not, but either way, I'm glad she's making an exception for us. The moment she touches the powerful toy to her overly sensitive clit, she lets out a giggle. "It tickles! But a good kind of tickle," she says, laughing. Then she grew serious and got to work on her pussy, rubbing the vibe in circles over her clit and down to her wet hole and back up to her clit. To see just how hard Lacey cums from her toy, go to where you can find and download the whole naughty set in high resolution.

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Tonya Cock Craving Cutie

Petite cutie Tonya is a naughty 19 year old from Russia. Although she loves modelling, her real ambition is to become a flight attendant so she can travel and see the world. "I want to have sex in every country I visit. And I've never left Russia so I have a lot of fucking to do," she jokes. For now though, we are happy to have her posing naked for us. Her tight body is half naked before long, and she kneels on the floor in nothing but a tiny pink mini-skirt. Her perky tits and exposed obviously enjoying the attention.

Tonya slips her white thong panties off from under her skirt and continues posing, lifting her skirt for an erotic tease. Next, her skirt comes off and she hops onto the dining room table, her naked ass pressed against the cool glass. Tonya is an expert at moving from one position to another without ever exposing her bald pussy, as if she enjoys the thrill of the tease even more than the full-on revealing poses. I have to agree that there's something very erotic about leaving that little bit to the imagination, as she proves by this photo of her reclined on the table with her shapely legs held up in front of her. This picture really shows off how toned her body is... barely an ounce of fat on her but still maintaining a shapely and feminine figure.

Once she's done with her sexy tease, Tonya gets on her hands and knees on the table, bent over at an angle that gives a perfect view of her tight little ass. She arches her back and pushes her butt out, and now her fresh pink pussy is displayed to the camera as well. Tonya's super-tight asshole compliments her 19 year old pussy perfectly... both tight holes beckoning for a tongue to explore them. She had told us earlier that she's never had a dick in her ass but anal sex is on her list of things she's eager to try. "Actually, my biggest fantasy is to have sex with like three guys at once so I can have all of my holes filled at the same time." If that ever happens, I just hope she gets it on camera cuz even I would pay to see that! To see more of this cock-craving cutie, go to, updated daily and always fresh.

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Molly Bennett Sheer Lingerie

18 year old Molly Bennett has always been one of the popular girls. She was a cheerleader in high school and dated some of the cutest boys in school, but surprisingly, until she started adult modelling as a career, Molly was practically a virgin. "I'd only had sex once before I started have sex on camera. It was pretty awful," she confided to us before we started shooting. "That's probably the biggest reason I love my job, because I get to be with men. I can't stand all the bull-shit that comes with high school boys. Give me a real man any day!" I suddenly find myself wishing we had set up a hardcore photo shoot for her, but that's okay. I'm certainly not complaining about just getting to see this hot little nymphet naked.

Molly looks absolutely angelic today, with her long golden curls falling over her shoulders and down her chest. Her smile gets double-takes everywhere she goes, and her huge blue-gray eyes have a way of sucking you in, drawing you all the way into her soul. The outfit she is wearing today is just the cherry on top - a sheer lace nightie with a loose robe that drapes her curvy body. If you look closely, you can see Molly's tiny pink nipples peeking through the sheer fabric like a bashful kitten. Molly slowly removes her robe while we snap dozens of sexy photos. She slides the straps of her nightie off of her shoulders and tucks her fingertips inside the fabric of her top. Teasingly, Molly lowers her lace top, exposing a pair of breath-stopping boobies. "Perfection" is the first word that pops into my head. Her ripe tits are supple and perky, so round and full with perfectly pink tiny nipples that grow hard as soon as they are freed from the fabric.

Molly finished removing the sheer lingerie, tossing it aside and standing up so we could really get a good look at her hot body. Her creamy smooth skin looks so soft, almost silky and I bet it would taste so sweet on my tongue. I thought her tits were perfection, but her pussy is more than perfection. Is there even a word for "better than perfect"? Whatever it is, it describes Molly's little pink twat to a T. Shaved smooth and so tight. This girl looks like she's never even been used before, like a porcelain doll kept in her box on a shelf and only brought out to admire and show off to friends. I can't help but wonder if her tiny pussy has really been broken in yet, and suddenly my mind is a jumbled mess of all the things I would do to that sweet piece of heaven between her legs if I had the chance. You can see so much more of Molly and her tight, hot body at, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Lacey Leveah Tight Pussy Pounding

19 year old Lacey Leveah is an all-American cutie from Alabama. She'd much rather stay in and snuggle up to a good movie with a friend than go out partying with big crowds. And nothing turns her off more than rudeness. In general, Lacey is pretty mellow and down-to-earth. But when it comes to sex... watch out! This girl has a naughty side that has surprised more than a couple of guys. Her biggest turn-on sexually is for a guy to take complete control, pounding her tight little pussy like it's her very last fuck. "If a guy were to just push me up against a wall and rip my clothes off, I'd probably cum the second he put his dick in me," Lacey tells us. Lucky for her, the guy she would be doing this shoot with is all man and knows how to make a girl beg for more.

He started out by guiding Lacey's head down to his pierced dick, where she eagerly began licking it, slowly at first. Her moist tongue trailed from his balls, up the shaft to the head of his cock, where her mouth would linger, flicking across the tip before heading back down. As she gained momentum, Lacey began swallowing his prick little by little, soon bobbing her head in and out to take him as deep in her throat as she could handle. When he was sufficiently turned on and sporting a throbbing erection, he shoved Lacey down on the bed and quickly removed her ruffled skirt and cotton panties. Her tank top was already pulled down around her waist, so the guy made sure to give some attention to her ripe little tits, nibbling on her puffy nipples until they turned hard as could be. Then he threw one of Lacey's legs up over his shoulder, sliding the head of his stiff cock into her already wet pussy. Lacey threw her head back and let out a sound that sounded like a mix between a gasp and a moan. "They must have told you ahead of time that I love a guy who takes control..." she said, half question and half statement.

Once he had his dick buried all the way in Lacey's wet hole and gave it a few good pumps, he pulled her on top of him as he laid back on the bed. He grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting hard every time she went all the way down, filling her tiny cunt to full capacity. Lacey bounced up and down on his dick, pausing every so often to grind her hips, rubbing her swollen clit on him for maximum pleasure. Lacey's breathing was getting really heavy and it was obvious she was really getting off on his pierced cock. If you want to see the rest of this explicit hardcore set, go to, updated daily and always fresh.

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Kitty Jane Sexy in Socks

Kitty Jane is a sexy 21 year old with an addiction to orgasms. "I don't care how I get my orgasms as long as I get them every day. Fingers, toys, cocks, tongues... just make me cum and I'll be happy for the rest of the day," she laughs, only I get the impression that she's not joking. Today she's going to demonstrate how she uses her fingers to satisfy her craving pussy. But before she gets down to business, we ask Kitty to show off her incredible body, and she's happy to comply.

After she removes her top and flaunts her full, ripe tits, Kitty lifts her frilly white skirt to show her bald naked pussy. She turns around and lifts one of her feet up on the dresser in front of her. Pushing her flawless round ass out behind her, she brings one hand down hard on her ass, giving it a stiff smack, then begins rubbing and kneading it. Her thick pussy lips are peeking out from between her legs, anxiously waiting for some attention.

Kitty takes a seat in the chair and spreads her legs open, again lifting one of her feet, still covered in blue argyle knee socks, onto the dresser. With her skirt up around her waist, Kitty uses both hands to start giving her needy pussy the attention it's been aching for. One hand spreads open her pussy lips and starts teasing her swollen clit, tenderly caressing the most sensitive part on her entire body. Her other hand reaches in from behind, sliding two fingers into her moist hole. She's been waiting for this for so long already that immediately when her fingers start moving in and out, a soft moan escapes her lips. Kitty closes her eyes, really getting into it now. If you want to see the entire pussy pleasing photo set and video, go to, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Yani Sexy Temptress

Yani is a sultry temptress from Russia who just so happens to possess that rare combination of jet black hair and extra-light blue eyes. Something about these two qualities together on women has always been most appealing to me. Perhaps because it is so rare. Dark hair usually comes with dark eyes and vice versa. So a young beauty like this, with darker than dark hair and the lightest, prettiest bluish-teal eyes ever, is just beyond amazing! (In my opinion anyway.) Yani's looks are also a bit on the exotic side which I find to be another very sexy quality of hers. And that's just from her neck up! I haven't even begun on that body of hers yet, which, as we can all see, is pretty damn amazing as well. And in this steamy hot photo spread, Yani's beautiful body is fully accentuated to the max (and fully exposed as well). Another plus: Yani actually enjoys showing off her hot body and why shouldn't she? With that beautifully tanned skin and tight, fit firmness everywhere you look, it'd be a sin not to show it off! Yani also enjoys dressing up in the most erotic lingerie, with silk thongs, lace stockings, and sexy high-heels. Just like she did in this photo shoot; fishnet stockings and a furry lingerie number that made Yani resemble the hot sex kitten she is. When Yani walked onto the set for the first time wearing this ensemble, I literally heard jaws drop to the floor. Yani loved that. She smiled playfully and spun around to give us the full effect. She positioned herself in front of the camera, looking directly into the lens, a naughty look in her electric blue eyes. Then she let out the most sensual purring sound, before softly saying "Meow..." She imitated a sexy kitty-cat to a tee.

Yani was obviously a big fan of role playing. (Another sexy quality in my book.) So I thought I'd ask her if this was true and when I did she instantly replied "Of course! In fact, I think everyone does." As she spoke, Yani continued with her seductive strip tease, making it a little hard for me to concentrate on what she was saying. "We all role played when we were kids, right? Well, as adults it can be so much more fun. You just have to choose the right roles to play." Yani explained as she kept posing for the camera which was now flashing away, capturing her every sensual move. "Like the role I chose to play today for example" Yani said, a small smile hovering on her pink lips "Everyone loves a hot and sexy pussy..." She paused a beat before adding "Cat. Pussy cat!" We all laughed as Yani smiled a very naughty smile and threw the camera a playful wink. Then she turned around to show us the view from the back and what a view it was! Her fishnet stocking clad legs seemed to go on for miles, especially when she started bending over to slide off her furry shorts, furry attached tail and all. Seconds later, Yani revealed her perfectly round and perfectly tanned ass, which was fully exposed except for a tiny black silk thong. Along with Yani's beautiful booty, her curvy hips and juicy thighs were also on display and it was all just too hot for words.

Yani reached back to untie her furry bikini top with her back still to the camera. She let it drop onto the hard wood floor before repeating the act by removing her black thong, her back still to the camera. Watching Yani strip and then left staring at her tan bare back and perfect bare ass only from behind was a tease that soon turned into torture and made you want to beg her for more. Yani, who was now completely naked besides her stockings and heels, finally began turning toward the camera in a slow, sensual seduction meant to drive you wild. But when Yani finally had turned her naked body in a complete about-face before the camera, the full frontal shot of Yani's perfectly perky tits, hard nipples, flat stomach, pierced belly button, shaved pussy, and smooth, tan skin all over, it was such a sight to see that you simply forgot about anything and everything else before that very moment. Don't miss out on even more of this hot and horny bombshell! Arousing photos and videos of Yani are all at So go see her now!

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Eileen Studded Glass Dildo

Tall black-haired beauty Eileen loves dressing in high heels. Not only do they really make her already-long legs look amazing, but a sexy pair of stilettos go a long way in making a girl feel sassy and sensuous. And we all know that a girl who feels sexy is a girl who IS sexy. There's no arguing that Eileen is about as sexy as they come. As she dances around the kitchen in nothing but a flirty white skirt and strappy white heels, she talks about how wearing slinky heels is one of her favorite parts of modelling. "I'm pretty tall already, so when I put on a pair of 4 or 5 inch heels... well let's just say that some guys are intimidated by a girl who's taller than they are," she laughs as she lifts her skirt and kicks her foot up behind her. "That's why I love tall guys. I'm not sure what I'd do if I couldn't wear my heels." She pauses for a moment before adding "Honestly, I'd probably choose my shoes over most guys," she laughs again, and I can't really tell if she's just yanking my chain. But I don't care. I'm too busy admiring her perfect tight body and long shapely legs under her skirt.

Eileen slips her skirt down over her hips, revealing a pair of magenta thong panties. She leaves the panties on for the time being and continues with her provocative posing. As she turns to face the camera, I can't help but notice how great her stomach is. Her abs are perfectly toned... nice and firm and tight without being too muscular. The piercing in her belly button is just the cherry on top of an already smokin' hot body. If you gave me a month to study it, I'm convinced I wouldn't be able to come up with a single thing I would change about it. Her full, ripe tits are just the right size for her body. Her big, dark areolas and tiny nipples just beg to be sucked. As she runs her fingertips up her sides to her hair and flips it over her shoulders, I find myself wondering how soft her tanned skin is and how sweet it would taste on my tongue.

Settling onto the wooden chair, Eileen brings both longs legs up and rests them on the countertops. She reaches between her spread legs and gently rubs her pussy lips through her panties. "Look... my pussy is already getting wet. It's because I've been looking forward to this all day!" As she finishes her sentence, Eileen leans over and grabs a glass dildo that she had hidden behind the coffee pot. "I got it just for this shoot but all the little bumps and studs on it have been calling my name since I woke up this morning. I almost couldn't wait!" As she brings the dildo to her mouth, she pulls her panties to the side, finally giving us a glimpse of that sweet pussy I've been dying to see. It's just as tasty-looking as I'd imagined... a tight, tiny pink fuck-hole nestled between a pair of soft, full lips. All I can think is that's one lucky dildo! Why is it that sex toys get to have all the fun? If you'd like to see how naughty babe Eileen pleasures her moist pussy, you'll find the entire steamy set only at

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Kitty Jane Vibrator Pleasure

Kitty Jane is a twenty-one year old hottie with an amazing curvy body. She keeps it in such great shape by hanging out in the pool whenever she gets a chance. "I've always loved to swim. I think I started swimming before I even started walking," Kitty told us when we were getting to know her a little better. "Besides, swimming is some of the best exercise you can do and still have fun!" Whatever she's doing, it's working. Her body is in great shape and I can't help but admire it as she lifts her dress, revealing her long, tanned legs with just the right amount of muscular tone. Her curvy hips lead up to a perfectly flat tummy. She pulls the top down on her sundress, exposing a pair of soft, bountiful tits with small nipples that stand to attention as soon as they are freed from the fabric of her dress.

As Kitty poses, she is constantly running her hands up and down her perfect body, brushing her fingertips lightly over parts of her body that I only wish I could get my tongue on. By the time she has her panties off, her pink pussy is already moist. She teases it with her fingers a little before turning around to show us the most amazing butt I've seen in a long time. As I drool over it, I recall her telling us earlier that her tits are her favorite part of her body. While I agree that she does have a very tempting pair of tits, I'd have to argue about it being her best feature. That ass is jaw-dropping! Kitty has a booty that begs to be licked, bitten, smacked, tickled... I could go on and on about all the things I would love to do to that delicious booty, but I'm sure you can come up with plenty of things on your own. As Kitty Jane lifts one long leg onto the table, she reaches in and spreads her dark pussy lips open with two fingers, showing off her sweet pink hole.

She pays her pussy some attention with her fingers, rubbing and tugging on it, spreading it open and tickling her vag with light strokes. As she settles into the stool behind her, Kitty grabs a shiny silver vibrator and begins rubbing it up and down between her swollen pussy lips and running circles around her clit the toy. As she slides just the very tip into her moist hole, she tells us how much she loves her sex toys. "I pretty much don't go anywhere without one. I even carry a pocket vibrator in my purse. You just never know when you're going to need to relieve some stress!" she says with a devilish look on her face. Then she gets down to business, concentrating on pleasuring her horny wet pussy. To see Kitty Jane bring her tight twat to orgasm with her favorite toy, go to where you can find the whole naughty set in high resolution.

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Yani Leg Spread

Yani is a very sexy brunette from Russia. She's twenty-three years old and has a sweet smile to go along with a pair of naughty bedroom eyes that draw you into her lap of luxurious seduction. Yani was in the bedroom getting her hot self dressed for the photo shoot (into a very sexy little number that consisted of red and black lingerie), when I decided to go in and ask her some questions about herself. We breezed through the usual subjects and when I got to the question of what sorts of things turned her on, Yani smiled up at me with her sweet smile, as if to say she could be a bit shy, yet at the same time her blue eyes were lit up in an excited and rather aroused way, therefore telling me a different story other than the 'a bit shy' one. Those gleaming eyes had a naughty story behind them. And soon her pink lips caught up with her eyes and Yani said "I actually have a few fetishes." She smiled again and said, "I like being blind folded... and tied up... or handcuffed of course." A sexy giggle then "But my most favorite fetish of all is getting spanked. A good spank on my ass during foreplay or just during sex is so so hot to me! It never fails to get me crazily turned on!"

So when Yani was called on set, all those naughty fetishes of hers were already on her dirty little mind, therefore making her come across on camera as a very sexy and very naughty nymphet. Like a sex kitten, purring with each sensual move. The red and black lingerie made Yani's petite and tight spinner body look excruciatingly sexy as well. From the black laces up the front that resembled a corset to the very back of the ensemble where the bright red thong showed off Yani's hot and curvy ass. Yani turned the heat up even more when she crawled up onto the bed on all fours, her booty facing the camera in doggy style position. Yani arched her back and stuck her ass up high. Then she looked over her shoulder at the camera and I saw that her horny eyes were begging for a good spanking.

Yani wasted no time. She threw me a quick wink then reached her hand back and then: 'Smack!' Yani gave herself a nice, hard spank right on her ass cheek! Then she erupted into a fit of girly giggles and rolled over onto the bed, laughing hysterically. We all laughed with her. It was safe to say that this cutie-pie definitely had that 'naughty and nice' quality to her. After finally catching her breath, Yani composed herself, sat up, then went right back into sexy strip tease mode. Her bedroom eyes were back to their naughty ways, directed right at the camera, as she began slipping off her lingerie, one spaghetti strap at a time. Yani discarded all articles of clothing until she was completely naked, every inch of nudity fully exposed. Slowly and sensually, Yani then spread her legs open wide, letting us all see just how hot her shaved pink pussy was. And you can see even more of our yummy Yani right now at!

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