Missy Sweet Purple Vibrator Play

Twenty year old hottie Missy Sweet grew up in Louisiana, so she's about as American as they come. Being a good little southern girl, she always managed to stay out of trouble. After she graduated high school though, she got an overwhelming urge to let her naughty side free and she's been getting naked in front of the camera ever since. Missy often cures her boredom with a romp between her legs - it doesn't matter if it's with fingers, toys or cock. This little cum-junkie just likes to get off! "I usually use toys when I masturbate. I even use them when I have a guy fucking me," she laughs. "I mean, what could be better than a toy in one hole and you in the other?"

Missy isn't one to ever turn down an orgasm, so we knew she had one or two in store for us today. One thing that really gets her tight little pussy wet is having sex (even if it's with herself) anywhere but the bedroom. Her very favorite place to fuck is in the water... hot tub, bathtub, swimming pool, even the ocean. She's the perfect mix of beach bunny and fuck bunny, so if there's water nearby, chances are Missy has fucked in it. Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to take photos outside today, so she suggested the kitchen. "My parents would KILL me if they ever found out, but I actually masturbate in here quite a bit. I love the feel of the cool counter-tops under my bare skin!" She slips off her tiny denim shorts and hops onto the island counter. As she slipped her hand into her panties, I could literally see her tiny puffy nipples growing harder right before my eyes.

After fondling her pussy for only a moment, she pulls her hand back out and holds it up to the camera. "I'm already wet... see?" and sucks her sweet pussy juices from her fingers. "I think this is a good day for a toy, don't you?" as she ducks from the kitchen wearing nothing but her panties and the tank top that was still wrapped around her slender waist. She comes back into the kitchen holding a shiny purple vibrator in one hand and her other hand pulling her panties down over her hips. She kicks them off with a girlish giggle and quickly jumps back onto the kitchen counter, this time on hands and knees with her perfect round ass in the air. Missy slips the vibrator between her legs and runs the tip of the toy up and down her slick wet slit and as it finds her juicy hole, she pushes her hips backward as if her pussy is so eager to feel the penetration that it refuses to wait for her hand to do the work. You can see this sexy young cutie fuck her horny pussy to climax in high quality pics and video, only at Nubiles.net.

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Tegan Sweet Pussy Nectar

Twenty year old Tegan is about as girlie as they come. This beautiful blonde bombshell loves frills and lace, make-up and flowers and just about anything that makes her feel feminine. Tegan dreams of her Prince Charming sweeping her off of her delicate little feet someday, taking her home and letting her spend the rest of her life taking care of him and making him happy, just like a good adoring wife should. But since she's not in a hurry for that to happen soon, she just enjoys being young, living life without a care in the world. For Tegan, that means getting herself some nice, fat cock whenever she feels the urge. "I'm not really the 'one night stand' kind of girl, but I do have quite a few fuck buddies I keep around for when I'm between boyfriends," she admits. Then she adds, "Which seems like quite often lately!" Honestly, I never would have guessed that about her. Just looking at her, Tegan seems like such a "good girl" type. I guess she's proof that looks can be deceiving!

The way Tegan posed for the camera was what really convinced me that there's a very naughty girl hiding behind that sweet, innocent face. She moved so erotically that it was as if she was making love to the camera. Pure sexuality oozed from every fiber of her gorgeous body. Her soft, creamy skin glowing as if trying to remind us that it is, in fact, the biggest sex organ. I couldn't help but imagine how it would feel to run my fingertips lightly over her smooth skin. My tongue would take over from there, gently tracing the outlines of her nipples. In my mind, I pulled aside Tegan's white thong and let my tongue trail down to her tight pink asshole... only teasing at first. Then harder and deeper into her sweet hole until I could feel her pussy juices escaping from between her legs.

I paused my fantasy only long enough to let Tegan remove her clothes and get her favorite toy... a smooth glass dildo with ridges spiralling all the way down for maximum pleasure. She lubed it up with her mouth and then began teasing her full, ripe tits and perky nipples with the cool glass toy while I resumed my oral fantasy. As she spread her legs open on the bed, her shaved pink pussy was in the perfect position for my fingers to slide in, feeling the silky wetness dripping out onto my lips. She tasted like nectar, and I could feel her tiny clit growing under my tongue, getting more sensitive with each passing minute. I couldn't wait to feel Tegan's tight, juicy pussy climax on my fingers, clenching tight around them and soaking them with warm cum. See the whole explosive orgasm exclusively at Nubiles.net.

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Katie Marie Fingers Pussy

The gorgeous 24 year old Katie Marie was feisty as ever, and ready to get naked while doing her photo shoot. She was so turned on by the fact that we were shooting her at a private academy for girls because Katie absolutely hated going to school herself! Her naughty tendencies made dull classes a bore. Katie sure found things to keep her fingers and her pussy busy! Standing so slender and beautiful, Katie gazed at herself in the mirror of the ballet room. Exploring the dance studio was very interesting to her, and the wall of mirrors turned her on. She loved that she could masturbate and watch herself in front of full body mirrors.

She removed her small, tight, dance clothes to reveal an angelic body that could only belong to someone her age. Her firm and perky tits had rock hard nipples begging to be played with. Her seductive moves as she slid her white thong down the curve of her ample ass made her so horny. "I need to finger fuck myself... now!" she demanded. Well, I was definitely not going to stop her! The idea that she was being naughty in school made her cream inside of her clean shaved pussy.

She threw herself onto the hard wood floor and started to play with her pink twat. Juices were flowing as she slid her fingers in with ease. She massaged her clit and then teasingly stopped. After jamming her fingers deep inside her pussy and making herself cum, Katie started to spread her legs wide open to show off her incredible wet pussy. These photos are are so sexy you have to see them to believe it! Katie spreads her pussy wide open for everyone to see because that is what naughty school girls do! Visit Nubiles.net to see the photos and video of Katie finger fucking her tight twat.

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Missy Sweet Hot Bikini Babe

Playful and cute girl-next-door Missy Sweet loves to play in the water. She's either at the beach or hanging out by her pool nearly every day and practically lives in a bikini, especially during the summer. "When it's hot, I can hardly stand wearing clothes. But since I can't run around naked all the time, a bikini is the next best thing... don't you think?" Seeing the way this dark-haired cutie looks in her color-splashed bathing suit, I have to agree. As she dips her toes into the cool water. Missy turns this way and that, showing off her curvy frame. Then slowly she unties the sides of her bikini bottom, letting it drop to the ground right where she stands.

Missy heads over to the patio chair wearing nothing but the tiny pieces of cloth covering her perky tits, and in two seconds flat her bikini top is lying on the chair, leaving her completely naked in the warm afternoon air. She crawls onto patio stool and throws a seductive look at the camera. Arching her back, Missy stretches her shoulders, hips and torso, thrilling at the sensation of the warm breeze rushing around her body. "Guys always tell me what a great ass I have. What do you think? Do you like my ass?" She starts shaking her bare booty, letting it dance with the breeze. Her hairless pussy looks so inviting as she wiggles her ass in doggy-style position. Her smoking hot body has no tan lines, which means she's no stranger to spending long afternoons by the pool, naked in the afternoon sun.

Hopping off the stool, Missy announces "I haven't masturbated yet today and I'm really in the mood to cum." She obviously wasn't going to hear any objections from me or anybody else, so she starts right in on her dance of seduction. She begins with a quick mussing of her long auburn hair, letting her hands frame her face while she makes sweet and suggestive expressions. She runs her fingers over her perky titties, cupping her breasts for a few quick squeezes, and then down over her smooth tummy. Trailing down her hips and thighs, Missy's hands finally find the sweetest thing of all... her hairless pink lips and sweet, juicy pussy. As she drops to a crouch with her legs spread open wide, Missy teases her swollen pussy lips with her long manicured fingertips, parting them to reveal her hot moist hole. She's just getting started, so if you want to watch her fingers do more than just tease her tender pink flesh, you can find all the exclusive action this eager babe has to offer, only at Nubiles.net.

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Tegan Tight Pussy Spread

Tegan is a beautiful blonde from the UK. At only twenty years old, this little firecracker still has a lot of experimenting ahead of her, and trying new things is one thing Tegan has never shied away from. She's still waiting for her chance to experience her first three-some, have some wild sex with a "dashing older gentleman", as she puts it, and learn to relax enough during anal sex to be able to really enjoy it. But one thing Tegan had become quite masterful in is masturbating that tight little pussy of hers. "I have a hard time falling asleep without a good orgasm or two," she had told us earlier. And since she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, Tegan usually takes matters into her own hands.

She was more than happy to show off her masturbation skills for the camera, but before we could get to that, we needed to get some pictures of Tegan's ripe, curvy body. She knelt on the bright orange sofa as she pulled her tank top off over her head, letting her full perky titties free at last. She was still wearing her thigh-high striped socks and thin yellow panties. As I was busy admiring the shape of her tits and watching her rosy pink nipples grow hard, Tegan grabbed her cotton panties and pulled them up high around her waist, temporarily turned them into a thong. With her panties pulled tight in the crack of her firm little booty, Tegan began moving her hips in circles and shaking her ass like she had a pole in front of her.

Wiggling herself right out of her panties, Tegan finally revealed her shaved pussy... so smooth and tight! She reclined in the sofa and spread her legs open just about as far as they could go, letting us soak in the perfection of her naked body. One hand reached in from behind and gently tickled her delicate pussy lips before spreading them open for a good look at her moist hole. Her other hand was busy fondling her boobs, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. It was clear that they loved the abuse because Tegan's tiny pussy was growing wetter by the second. Then with a wicked grin, she asked "You ready for the fun part?" I know I am! If you want to see how sexy young Tegan likes to punish her horny pussy, you can find the whole naughty set exclusively at Nubiles.net.

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Katie Marie Naughty School Girl

Wild child Katie Marie lives life on the edge! At only 24 years old, she has a boldness to her that usually comes much later in life. Seeing that Katie lost her virginity at her school, and that she despised school so much, I thought it would be a great idea to do a photo shoot with her at a school! We thought it would be a fun way to showcase her sexuality in a place where it is thought to be "bad" if you are naughty... What could be more appealing than the naughty girl in a school girl outfit? Katie pulled this off very well. Her impossibly small mini skirt accentuated her tiny waist and long sexy legs. Barely peeking out from under her shirt were the perkiest breasts I've seen in a  while! Katie Marie was so sexy that I had a hard time keeping calm while I got to watch her undress for my camera.

Katie really started to get into her school girl role and would play around during the shoot. "You want me to bend over teacher? I have been a very bad girl in school today and I think I need a spanking." she said in a sweet innocent voice. As she bent over the seat, her juicy ass was all I could stare at. With flawless silky skin, Katie looked irresistible. Her tiny pink pussy was revealing just how horny role play made her. I could actually see her shaved pussy lips glistening in the light from the wetness. Her sweet pussy juice was clear evidence of her lust and desire to cum.

After growing so horny that she just couldn't take any more, Katie started to masturbate right in front of us! "Ooooh, I've been so naughty masturbating in school!" she said as she clenched her teeth together. Her soft lips curled as those words spilled from her mouth. She was surely getting herself off by playing with her clit and pretending to be in school. Finally, Katie made herself cum and had the whole crew shaking with excitement. This is one orgasm you can't miss! See the whole thing on Nubiles.net in photos and in videos.

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Missy Sweet Goes Balls-Deep

Twenty year old Missy Sweet gets more than she bargained for after work today. This guy's been coming into her work place for a couple of months now, flirting with her and saying everything short of begging just to get a date with this Nubile hottie. Even though Missy's been keeping him on her radar, her recent hiatus from guys kept leaving this poor schmuck rejected... until today, that is. His perseverance finally pays off, and he convinces her to go home with him tonight, with the promise of a really big tip. He wasn't joking about the size of his tip, either. As Missy reaches her hand into his boxers, she realizes that she's in for a real treat. If she had been wearing panties under her tight pink dress, they'd be getting wet right now. "I knew there was a good reason for waiting," she says under her breath, knowing that the two months she just spent intentionally not getting laid was making her pussy hotter and wetter than she'd been all year.

Missy pushes her stud back onto the leather sofa and swings her hot ass in front of him. He grabs her by the hips, pulling her wet pussy closer to his big, throbbing cock. She mounts him, first sitting directly on his lap, and eventually realizing she'll have to open her legs as wide as possible to take his cock deep into her hungry pussy. She spreads wide in reverse cowgirl, giving her a little more control over the depth of his thrusts. He hits the opening of her hole so easily, pushing slowly as the walls of her pussy squeeze against his shaft. He fucks her until she cums for him, spreading her sweet pussy cream all over his cock. "I can't believe I came that quick!" Missy says, with a mixture of disbelief and euphoria.

Now that he's got her all warmed up, he wants to see if she can take his dick balls-deep. Still laying under her, he pushes his huge cock back into her swollen snatch, stretching her wet hole to its limit. She feels so good, her throbbing pussy wrapped like a vice around his cock, and soon he starts pushing deeper into her, faster and fuller strokes as he works up to his own climax. Missy isn't used to cock this big, and the slight sensation of pain intermingles with the pleasure so that she cums in a way she's never climaxed before. All she can think now is "that was SO worth the wait!" Watch Missy take it all in this exclusive hardcore set, only at Nubiles.net.

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Denisa Doll Pink Pussy Penetration

Even though stunning beauty Denisa Doll prefers girls over guys, sometimes she gets a craving for a nice fat cock in her tiny pussy, filling it to capacity and fucking her hard until she explodes in orgasm all over the lucky dick. "I adore girls and sex is usually so much better with a girl than with a boy," she tells us. "I like to use dildos and strap-ons with my girlfriends too. But sometimes I just need the real thing, you know?" As she spoke, Denisa had a look of mischief on her face, like she had something very naughty on her mind but wasn\'t ready to share what that something was. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and as she got the last button undone, she let the shirt slip off of her shoulders, exposing her naked tits. If I had to come up with one word to describe Denisa\'s boobs, that word would be "perfect".

After showing off her tight, topless body, Denisa undid her shorts. She took a seat on the dining chair, sliding the shorts down her long legs. Before she removed them completely though, she raised her legs up to eye-level in front of her, revealing a round booty that was nearly as flawless as her tits. I could see that she was still wearing thong panties, but I was too busy admiring the delicious curves of her ass-cheeks to care. Denisa snapped me back to reality though when she asked "Do you want me to show you how I like to treat a real cock?" My mind started racing, wondering whose cock she was going to demonstrate on, desperately hoping it would be mine.

I got my answer soon enough though when Denisa stood and reached for one of the bananas lying in the kitchen table. She held it up to her mouth in a provocative way, then set it back down so she could remove her panties and plop her bare ass down on the table. Reaching for the long fruit once again, she brought it to her mouth and began running her tongue erotically over the tip, then wrapped her lips around it, swallowing it deep into her mouth. Once it was nice and slippery wet with her saliva, Denisa put one leg up on the table and started teasing her delicate pussy lips with the banana. She flicked it back and forth across her clit and gently teased her wet hole with the tip of her make-shift cock. If you want to see how Denisa uses this lucky banana to punish her desiring pussy, head over to Nubiles.net, bringing you three fresh new girls every week.

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Crystal Star Naughty and Nice

Crystal Star admits she's quite a romantic at heart. She loves to be wined and dined and treated like a lady. She also admits that should would rather be given an inexpensive trinket "just because" than an expensive, elaborate gift because it's expected. "It's the little things that matter," she tells us. She also really loves to be seduced. But just because you may be gentleman enough to get her into bed doesn't mean that you're man enough to handle this firecracker once you're there. She's got a sexual appetite that can't be beat. The lace, silk and sheer fabric she wore for this shoot may give her the appearance of a nice, innocent girl, but one look in her eyes tells you she's got nothing but naughty things on her mind.

She climbs into the claw-foot bathtub, not bothering to fill it with water first. She's got other ideas for how to have fun in the tub. Crystal slips her sheer top off over her head, then ever-so-slowly removes her thigh high stockings one by one, sliding them down her long legs and getting aroused at the sensation of it. "Sometimes I put on stockings or pantyhose just so I can take them off again," she had told us earlier when we asked about her turn-ons. "I love the feeling of putting them on and taking them off more than I actually like wearing them." Next comes her silk garter belt. As she reaches behind her waist to unhook it, she turns to show off her tiny ass, accessorized by an ivory thong. Her slender body is extremely toned and incredibly sexy.

Now naked except for her silk panties, Crystal stands bare-footed in the tub. She hooks her thumbs through the sides of her thong and lowers them slightly, just enough to tease. Her hips start swaying back and forth and suddenly she starts doing a sexy little dance, moving her panties around seductively but never enough to reveal what's been hidden behind the soft fabric. One thing is clear... this naughty girl loves to tease. Before long though she's ready to shed the panties. She bends over and reaches for something beside the tub. "There's a reason I got in the tub... and it's not to take a bath," she says with a wink. Crystal is ready to get wet and messy, but if you want to see what she has in mind, you'll have to go to Nubiles.net, where you'll find the whole erotic set in high quality pics and video.

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Anna Flames Sweet Ass

Be careful with the smoldering looks of Anna Flames, 21 years old, because this girl could burn a hole through your pants just by staring at you too long! With a gaze like a lion ready to devour her prey, Anna's eyes pierce right through the camera to lock you in to her world of sex and seduction. Knowing just how to suck cock and fuck in all the right ways, she can flip your world upside down and leave you begging for more. Anna is not your typical 21 year old girl that is generally inexperienced in the bedroom. She actually really enjoys anal sex and giving blowjobs. These are just a couple examples of why Anna Flames is truly a hot commodity!

Finally removing her shiny blue dress that was impossibly short, she showed off her sexy striped thong. Blowing everyone away, Anna got right into the position she loves when she gets fucked in her sweet tight ass. Her tiny waist and round hips make her the perfect girl for fucking in the ass. Flawless, tan, and smooth as silk, her skin just pleads to have the sensation of a real man's touch.

Further into her sexual escapades, Anna bent over to show exactly where she likes huge cock the most. Spreading her juicy ass apart, she showed off her tight pink pussy that was creaming with desire. She was so turned on she actually started scratching her skin and was playing with her clit. As if waiting for one of the crew members to come over and fuck her hard, Anna grew hornier as the time passed. Caressing her firm body and grabbing her perky tits, this flaming hottie couldn't take anymore torture. Anna had to masturbate to relieve the tension created by her throbbing twat. Watch Anna spread her legs and reveal the flames of her sexual fury only on Nubiles.net.

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