Hayley Hilton Peek-a-Boo Bathrobe

21 year old Hayley Hilton was a hit when we brought her in the first time. We're hoping that you love her second round of shoots as much as we loved working with this sexy spinner once again! Looking hot in a silky short bathrobe that doesn't quite close around her belly or cover her shaved mound, Haley ushers us into her home with a come-hither smile that instantly has our whole crew hard and ready. "You're just in time. I was getting too horny to wait for you much longer."

Untying the sash on her robe, Hayley makes her way to the couch and kneels with her legs spread provocatively so that we have constant teasing peeks at her pussy lips before she distracts our attention away by pulling the robe open to reveal her petite body and little boobs. "I think I'll just take this off now. It'll just get in the way." Slipping the soft material down her slender shoulders, Hayley runs her fingertips lightly down her lithe body, spending quite a bit of time on her little areolas and perky nipples.

Soon, though, Hayley's touches begin to move lower. She circles the indent of her belly button for a moment before sliding her hand down to cover her silky mound while her fingers toy with her tender clit. "Oh yeah," she murmurs as she slides from the couch to the floor and leans forward to stick her luscious ass high in the air. Her fingers continue to stimulate her juicy slit and horny clitoris, while her other hand comes down hard to slap her milky bottom and squeeze her round cheek. "God, I love a little bit of rough play. It's enough to make me cum like crazy!" Right on cue, this brunette babe's whole body quivers as her orgasm roars through her! Check out Hayley's new content right now only at Nubiles.net, where you can find all of the hottest girls online brought to you weekly.

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Lilya Clit Vibrator Orgasm

I wasn't expecting to hear from 19 year old Russian babe Lilya so soon after our first shoot, so imagine my surprise when she called me and asked if I would mind coming over and doing an impromptu shoot. "I have a big audition coming up and I got such a big confidence boost and I was so relaxed after the last time. I want to feel that way going into the audition this time." When a slender blonde beauty like Lilya begs you to watch her get naked and touch herself until she cums, of course you drop everything and get your crew over there!

When we meet up with Lilya in her bedroom an hour later, we find her sprawled in the middle of her bed wearing a pretty sundress and a small frown. "I don't know if this was a good idea. Now I have two things to be nervous about instead of just the audition." As she speaks, though, her hand toys with the hem of her miniskirt. It's obvious that she isn't wearing any panties when the fabric moves enough to flash glimpses of her pink shaved pussy, and it's clear to me that she just needs some reassurance.

We chat for a while and slowly Lilya relaxes. Finally, with a small smile, she pulls the dress off over her head and leans back for us to take pictures of her petite skinny body. "I don't feel as shy this time. This is good." She reaches up to take one puffy nipple between her fingers and pinch it, and lets out a soft moan. Then she glances to the side table next to her bed where a pink vibrator sits. "I don't have a lot of time before my audition so would you mind if I use a toy to get myself off quickly?" It's hard not to smile at her eagerness while giving her the okay. Watching this sexy girl transform from uncertain and shy to confident and in control is so satisfying. You definitely don't want to miss Lilya's sensual coming out party, and it's available right now exclusively at Nubiles.net!

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Yvette Sex-Crazed Coed

19 year old Yvette from Czech is a hair stylist by trade, but by night this sex-crazed coed models and works at a brothel to satisfy her horny pussy. "I don't know if I just have a higher sex drive than other girls, but I love showing off my body and I feel like I can never cum enough." Yvette invites us to join her as she winds down after a day working at the salon and an evening working at the brothel. "I'm usually super horny when I'm done for the day, so I thought we could get started with me showing you how I relax."

By the time we arrive, Yvette is already comfortable in her bed and well on her way to stripping out of her clothes. Her skirt is already just a puddle on the ground, leaving her in just sheer lacy panties and a tube top she has pulled down so she can fondle her little boobs with their big hard nipples."You're just in time," Yvette murmurs as she leisurely slides her panties down her long legs and we hurry to set up and catch up to this insatiable hottie. "You almost missed the real show."

Holding up the large glass dildo that was nestled next to her body, Yvette makes a show of slipping her lips around the tip and sucking it in a mock blow job. At the same time, she parts her thighs to reveal her creamy shaved slit and uses her other hand to fondle her sensitive clit. "Mmm, I'm gonna cum as soon as this big boy is all the way in my twat. Do you want to see?" Without waiting for our response, Yvette presses the tip of the glass toy to her tight hole and slowly thrusts it deep inside. Sure enough, she cums with a long moan as her body quakes! Do you want to watch this sexy brunette pleasure herself with her dildo? If so, head over to Nubiles.net for exclusive pics and video now.

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Staci Silverstone Budding Amateur Pussy Rub

18 year old Staci Silverstone is a newcomer to the adult modeling world, and she's taking the industry by storm! "All of this is so new to me. I didn't even have my first orgasm until just a few weeks before my birthday! But I'm loving every second of it and I'm learning new things about myself every day." This little fireball was a treat to work with at our first shoot! She showed up with a cheerful can-do attitude and a ton of enthusiasm to get naked and make herself cum.

Slipping her tank top over her head, Staci reveals her all natural boobs. Her little nipples are already hard, even before she reaches up to pinch one perky nub. "Do you want me to lose the shorts, too?" she asks, unbuttoning them and pulling them down just enough to show us a hint of blue panties with a teasing smile. As soon as she gets the okay from us, she shimmies out of her hot short shorts, taking her panties with them. Turning around, she sticks her luscious ass in the air and spreads her cheeks to show us her shaved pussy and how wet and ready for sex she already is!

"I can't believe what a turn on it is to fuck myself on camera. I was so shy about it just a few weeks ago, but now I can't wait to do it. I just cum again and again. Let me show you..." Settling back on the bed, this slim toned beauty spreads her legs as wide as she can so we have an excellent view of her juicy slit. Squeezing her medium sized breasts and pinching her nipples with one hand, Staci allows the other to drift down to her horny clit and start massaging herself towards an incredible orgasm. You can watch Staci get naked and make herself cum on camera right now only at Nubiles.net, home of the freshest girls online.

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Lilya Shy Shower Play

21 year old Russian cutie Lilya wants to make a career in singing, but she's had some trouble with shyness at auditions. "After my third audition when I choked at people judging my singing, which is very intimate to me, I thought that I would maybe try adult modeling. If I can show off and make myself cum in front of a camera, surely I can sing in front of an audience." When we arrive at Lilya's apartment she greets us at the door wearing a cute little jacket and short bottoms so tight we can tell she isn't wearing any panties.

"I was just thinking how sensual it would be to take a long, warm shower. Do you want to join me or will the water hurt your cameras?" We assure Lilya that we know how to protect our cameras from the water, and she smiles as she heads into the small washroom. "I am a little bit nervous, but the water will be a good distraction for this first time." Turning her back to us, Lilya shrugs out of her jacket and lets it fall to the floor. Her hands are crossed over her chest, covering her little boobs when she turns around.

Taking a deep breath, Lilya hesitates for another minute and then drops her hands until they uncover and cup her tiny tits with their big areolas and hard nipples. "I'm so turned on but just a little scared right now. This is the stage fright I experience. I need a moment." We give Lilya all the time she needs, and soon her hands slide down her skinny belly to hook into her shorts and slip them down her long, long legs. Stepping into the tub with her back to us once again, she turns on the water and takes the wand down to aim it at her pretty shaved pussy. Would you like to see this shy girl massage herself with the showerhead until she cums? Check her out only at Nubiles.net.

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Hayley Hilton Doggy Style Fuck

Do you remember Hayley Hilton, the petite spinner we featured a while ago on Nubiles? If so, you're not alone. The cute coed's perky little boobs and adorable smile were a hit with our viewers, and her sunny personality made her so fun to work with that we just had to bring her back for another round of hot pics and videos. "I've been around the block a few times, but Nubiles was one of my first sites and it holds a special place in my heart. I'm so glad to come back for more."

At Hayley's request, we found a guy with a big dick for her to hook up with during her hard core shoot. This hot number was all over her man as soon as he arrived, pulling him down to a makeshift bed of pillows and blankets and locking lips with him in a passionate kiss that went on forever. Hayley is the first to pull away from their embrace so she can pull her shirt off and expose her tiny tits. Her lickable nipples are already hard as her man engulfs them in his mouth and sucks them until she moans. "Mm, I need a good fuck. Can you give it to me hard and fast?"

Helping Hayley to her knees, her man mounts her doggy style but he doesn't enter her right away. Instead, he reaches up to tease her small breasts and rubs his blunt head against her shaved folds. "Don't be such a tease," she cries, arching her back and pressing against her man's erection so that he slides into her. Taking Hayley up on her invitation, he doesn't hold back any longer, pounding and thrusting into her as hard as she wants until she spasms around him. You can watch Hayley as her man rides her to completion only at Nubiles.net, where you can find all of the hottest girls online brought to you daily.

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Luciana Finger Fuck Fantasy

Getting naked and doing herself whenever and wherever she can is the highlight of 19 year old Luciana's day, every day. "What can I say? I'm horny all the time. I can barely stand the thought of wearing clothes when I'm at home. Even after I cum all I can think about most days is the next time I can masturbate." Wearing just a pair of plain pink panties, Luciana is just about ready to partake in another self-love session when we join her.

She is obviously pleased to have an audience as she settles on a chair and hooks her thumbs into her panties and raises her hips to pull them down her long slender legs. Nude except for her socks and her silky black hair, Luciana reaches up to cup her medium sized tits in her hands and then runs her palms down her flat belly. Rising to a crouch, she rests one hand on her shaved mound with her fingers framing her dripping pussy. "I know you probably want to take a bunch of pictures before I get started, but I'm too horny to wait for long. You might want to hurry."

We work as fast as we can, but we're still nowhere near finished when Luciana bites her lip and mumbles, "I can't take it anymore." Climbing on top of her dresser, she spreads her legs wide to give herself access to her needy twat that is so wet and juicy that we know this sex-crazed coed is craving a really good fuck. Sure enough, after just a few moments of rubbing her clit Luciana curves her other arm beneath her leg and presses two fingers deep into her tight hole so she can hit her g-spot and take herself to a new level of pleasure. Do you want to see this insatiable hottie make herself come apart? If so, head over to Nubiles.net now!

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Evonna Sexy in Sheer Panties

18 year old Russian babe Evonna is a budding photographer, which made her a dream come true to work with despite her inexperience at adult modeling. The brunette babe has an incredible knowledge of what will look good, and she even talks us through framing some of our shots and tries out some sexy poses that we hadn't thought of. "I can stop trying to help if you want, but I just want to look as good as possible on camera." We assure her that it's great and enlightening to hear some input from the model's point of view!

Nude except for a pair of sheer panties, Evonna is charmingly shy about taking things a step further. This girl knows that she's hot and she's not afraid to show it, but she's not quite accustomed to pleasuring herself in front of the camera yet. "It's just so weird and fun posing for pictures for once. I know in my mind what will be sexy on film, but actually doing it is a little scary." Her uncertain expression as she slides her hand into her panties and slowly massages her horny shaved pussy is downright erotic, especially as we watch her tentative smile grow more confident.

Seating herself primly on the couch, Evonna thinks for a moment. "I'm just trying to think of what I would want to see behind the camera. I think I know." Leaning back so that her perfect tits are highlighted and spreading her legs to show off her smooth juicy slit, she spreads her pussy lips with one hand and uses the other to start massaging her tender clitoris with the gentlest of touches. "Mmm, I can cum just by doing this for a while. Do you want to see?" Of course we do! You can watch Evonna bring herself to orgasm too, only at Nubiles.net where all of the freshest girls are brought to you daily.

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Aldi Sleek and Slippery

After a long night spent at the strip club she works from, all 18 year old Russian beauty Aldi wants to do is come home and take a long, warm shower. "It's not that I feel dirty after working or anything. I'm usually just so horny and wound up that I would do anything to relax and release some of that tension. Masturbating in the shower is a good way to do that." Dressed in a pink dress with a peek-a-boo top and a short miniskirt that shows glimpses of her panties, Aldi heads straight for the bathroom and turns on the water to warm up before making quick business of slipping out of her clothes.

As soon as the shower is the right temperature, Aldi steps beneath the spray and stands still as she is drenched from the neck down. The rosy tips of her puffy nipples stand out against her pale skin as she slowly lathers her little tits with soap suds before moving down to cover her smooth shaved mound and long legs with the bubbles. "Dancing is such sweaty work. It is good to wash all the sweat and grime of a night's work away. But now that I'm nice and clean the real fun can begin..."

Switching the shower's spray from a gentle fall to a hard massage, Aldi removes the wand from its anchor on the wall and focuses the water first on her tiny tits, and then gradually on her lush bottom. "Fucking myself with the shower is one of the nicest ways I can think of to end the night," she murmurs as she grips her ass cheek and pulls it aside to aim the spray on her sensitive pussy. Leaning against the cool tile of the shower, Aldi plays the wand over her sweet twat and horny clit until she cums with a long moan of delight. If you want to see all of the high quality pics and video we captured from this steamy shower scene, be sure to head over to Nubiles.net now!

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Ebbi Sexy Dress-Up Fun

Deciding what to wear is a standard part of any woman's day, and 18 year old Ebbi is no exception. As she finishes toweling off from her morning shower, she leans her slender body against the wall and contemplates the dresses in her closet. Even though she just masturbated in the shower, she slowly lets the towel slip away and her fingers wander gently over her peachy ass and her toned thigh. "I definitely want a dress today, but the question is, which one? Do I want a peasant dress or do I want something dressy and silky?"

Unable to decide, she drops the towel entirely and pulls the peasant dress out of the closet first. Holding it up to her naked body, Ebbi stares at herself in the mirror and strikes a pose. "Hmm, I like the way the miniskirt looks, but I'm not sure about the top. It's a little scratchy and I don't feel like a bra today." She puts the first dress back and then pulls out a silkier, more upscale sheath dress and gives it the same once-over against her slim nude figure. "Oh yeah, that's the one I want," she murmurs as she wriggles a little to rub her hard little nipples against the smooth material.

With her decision made, Ebbi slips the dress over her body with no underthings at all beneath it. The soft cool fabric glides over her sensitive skin, causing her to shiver in pleasure. "I know I just got myself off in the shower, but I can't help but want to cum again. I think I will..." This clearly isn't the first time Ebbi has faced this dilemma, evidenced by the little pink vibrator that she keeps in the back of her closet. Turning it on and lifting her skirt to apply the tip to her freshly shaved pussy, Ebbi leans back against the wall and closes her eyes as she pleasures herself. Watch this hot number fuck herself with her vibrator now in high quality pics and video only at Nubiles.net, home of the hottest girls online.

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