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Praskovia is our newest Russian blonde bombshell. This flirty teen has just woken up from a very sexy dream, and she's creamed the panties of her blue ruffled babydoll. With her sweet teen pussy still wet and tingling, and her long blonde locks mussed, she can't go into work looking like she's been having sex all night! Shower time for this dirty girl! Stretching out her long, long legs, Praskovia considers their appreciable length and tone- they are, after all, her favorite body part- sighing that it's already time to shave them. Think she'll take the time to shave any other body parts while she's in the shower?

After peeling off the lacy babydoll, Praskovia stretches each part of her long, lithe body. Arching her back, Praskovia's tiny teen titties reach high into the air, her nipples stiffening in the cool air of the bathroom. She stretches her long arms overhead while her back is still arched, her hips and tight teen ass thrust out behind her. Yawning, Praskovia is still wanting to be lost in slumber as the images of her sexy dream roll through her mind. Wearing nothing but the blue thong panty, Praskovia stretches one last time, wishing the hands of her sexy dream lover were still upon her creamy skin. She turns on the water, letting it run until the temperature is just right for her tender skin before she steps into the tub.

Praskovia runs the warm water over her long body, relishing the sensation as the water trickles over her shaved pussy and excited clitoris. As each droplet trails its way down her silky skin, she focuses the spray on her tiny teen breasts. Praskovia loves to get wet, as long as the water is never hot enough to burn, and moans softly as the water thrums against her sensitive nipples. Each sensation invokes her already heightened state of pleasure, so she moves the shower wand farther down her body until she can feel the spray directly on her tight teen pussy. Praskovia works the wand back and forth along her clitoris until she moans her final wave of pleasure, her morning orgasm rippling through her body until her toes curl! Want to help Praskovia in her morning routine? She'd love to have your hands running along her slippery, creamy skin! Help Praskovia work off her daily sexual frustration, only at your premiere source for the sexiest international teens available.

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Verasha Celestially Sexy Teen

Verasha is a smart and very sexy teen! She's currently in the US studying to be a Biologist, but don't let that turn you off. She's come in for her interview fresh from class in strappy black stilettos, a black t-shirt dress, and, we soon discover, plaid pink panties! Verasha makes Science seem sexy, and I'll bet she could teach us a thing or two about really appreciating anatomy! "I have a very healthy sex life," Verasha confesses, "even though I don't have time for a boyfriend. And I masturbate often to keep the stress of my college schedule from turning me into a lab rat." Verasha toys with her black dress a few more minutes before determining that she'd be more comfortable naked.

Verasha has come to the US from the Russian Steppes, as is evidenced by her celestial beauty and her silky, long hair. Her eyes are like obsidian as they burn with her desire, tiny nipples erect atop her tiny teen titties. "I always joke that I hit puberty, but nothing happened," she laughs, "except to turn on a voracious sex drive!" Lying on the floor, a rampant desire coursing through her young body, Verasha is captivating from every angle. "I love having sex, and it still fascinates me how every different body part produces such different sensations!" We asked what really turns her on, and Verasha confessed. "I get so hot when my lover trails kisses up my thighs. I think it's the anticipation that really gets me. I get wet just thinking about it!"

Verasha continued her confession: "Maybe I'm different from other girls, but I love love love to give head. In fact, just last week I was in the lab, and my partner was very frustrated. He kept breaking the test tubes. So I pulled him into the supply closet, unzipped his pants, and gave him head right there! After I swallowed his cum, he was much more relaxed, and we got through the experiment without anything else going wrong. But I was so wet, I had to go home and change my panties before my next class." Verasha is a smart girl- and she continues to prove that through her willingness to always please. "I only have sex with smart guys, because brains attached to a hard cock is the best anatomical combination of all!" Wish you were a college student, stuck in the lab again? With beauty, brains, and a body built to take you, Verasha is only a click away, but only on

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Nolita is a sweet teen from Czech who knows how to please her man! Her boyfriend is always asking to try new things, and she is more than willing to let him. Last week, he asked for anal sex, and Nolita tried it twice. This week, he's found a new toy to try on her: a pink zebra striped dildo with a handle. But it's too big for her tight teen pussy, and he can't push it inside of her, though Nolita is sure enjoying the pressure he's applying. Nolita is definitely turned on, and she doesn't want her sexual session to end, so she thinks of a plan to save the day. Before he gets too frustrated, she'll make sure to turn him on... and still get all the fucking she can handle.

Nolita loves sucking cock! In fact, her dream sex would involve her man brushing her hair while she's giving him a long, sexy blowjob. This horny teen can't get enough! Look at the way her lips are lovingly wrapped around the head of her boyfriend's cock- you'd have to pry her off of it. He's become a little soft, though, when he discovered he couldn't force his toy into her tight teen pussy, but Nolita's cock-sucking skills save the day. She pumps her mouth up and down the shaft of his cock, rubbing his shaft and teasing his testicles with her hands. He finally has to pull his cock away from her hungry lips because he's ready to thrust his dick deep inside of her.

Nolita loves giving head, and her pussy is dripping wet with excitement! He pushes her back from her lounging position, and drags her by her hips to the end of the bed so he can fuck her hard and deep! Her boyfriend is able to push deep into her on his first attempt, the glistening and hot walls of her vagina stretching to accomodate his very hard cock. Holding her legs wide open, he can watch each stroke of his hard cock as he plunges over and over into Nolita's wet, tight teen pussy. Nolita loves it! After all his teasing with that toy, and sucking him almost until he came, Nolita's desire is coursing through her tender teen flesh. "Harder," she moans, "fuck me harder, baby!" Her climax creams his cock! Want to see all the action? Wouldn't you love to play with Nolita's lovely brunette locks while she's milking your cock with her mouth? Mmmm... you can, but only at

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Bernice Blushing Bridesmaid

Bernice is a bad girl turned bridesmaid this afternoon. Just getting in from the nuptuals, Bernice is so ready to get out of her pink frilly dress. Being one of the youngest women in a bridal party can be fun, but it's so high profile! She had every eligible man in the room checking her out as she walked the aisle, and even a few of the not-so-eligible men, too. At the reception, she couldn't say no as guys bought her drink after drink, and she danced until she felt like her feet were going to fall off.
Even the bride was more certain that Bernice would be getting more action tonight than she would in her Honeymoon Suite. Slipping down the top of her bridesmaid dress, Bernice's nipples extend, freed from the tight fabric constraining her tiny teen titties.

Once she's gotten rid of the dress, Bernice stands naked in her room, letting her tanned skin readjust to its naked glory. With the lover she's chosen to bring home tossed onto her bed, she gives him a full preview of what he's going to get. A tight, lithe body, barely legal, and primed for pleasure after a week's worth of sexual experimentation. Slipping her panties down her thighs, Bernice taunts him. It's not quite like removing the garter with his teeth, but it makes his groin ache with desire as his cock builds firmly inside the trousers of his tux. He's no young stud, either. He's the best man, in his 40s, married to a woman who refused to attend his little brother's wedding. He's never been with a woman so young, he's nervous, but Bernice quickly puts him at ease.

Bernice has had a very busy week! First, she got her brains fucked out by a hot young stud, then she fucked her best friend in her first lesbian encounter, and now she's home from the wedding with a very wet pussy! Bernice coos and cajoles her latest conquest as she finishes her little strip-tease. Still wearing the gold platform pumps, Bernice slips her panties over her luscious teen ass, allowing her pink thong panties to bind her at her sexy tattooed ankles. Leaning over the dresser at the perfect angle to show off her sexy assets, she slowly raises her hand, indicating with her finger that she wants him to come to her. To stroke her soft skin with his calloused hands. To explore to his heart's content. And wouldn't you? Explore all the sexy aspects of Bernice, or choose from thousands of young women, willing and waiting for you to claim them. Only for you, and only on

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Marya is enjoying a long holiday weekend. Sleeping in is one of her favorite things to do- a little luxury that rekindles her sex drive- and she'll find any reason to stay in bed! She's had a very sexy dream, and has awoken with an ache deep inside her tight teen pussy. Kicking off her frilly pink pajama bottoms, Marya is wearing a white g-string thong beneath. With no particular need to hurry out of bed, Marya contemplates all the activities she can do without having to get up. She calls for her boyfriend, but he must have left to fetch them some breakfast. That means she has just enough time to get warmed up and wet for his return!

They'd shared a long, hot night. Her muscles are stiff and a little sore from all the positions he'd fucked her in. Stretching her long, lithe body, Marya begins to feel blood pulsing through her veins. Recalling the erotic images of last night's lovemaking, Marya's nerves begin to tingle, and her nipples harden recalling how firmly they'd been sucked upon. Her pussy darkens with desire, lips parting to reveal how stretched her tiny teen pussy still feels. Still dripping with his cum, her pussy yawns awake, missing her boyfriend's hard dick deep inside of it.

Marya stretches her lean torso again, pushing her shoulders and ass into the mattress and arching her belly upwards. Then rolling onto her stomach, her full breasts peeking out from beneath her tight torso. Marya begins arching her spine, which forces her ass into the air. Releasing the stretch, Marya's erect clit brushes against the gathered sheets beneath her. "That feels good," she sighs, and begins to rock her pelvis up and down, up and down, letting the bedding tease her into an even higher state of ecstasy. Where is that boyfriend when you need him? Marya is hot, horny and ready. If he's not going to satisfy her needs, will you? She's spread open for you, willing you to take mutual pleasure in her, any way you choose. Don't leave her waiting at just click on the link to put you, and Marya, in a state of teen ecstasy!

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Alana Ryder Teen Sex Addict

Alana Ryder has just come in from a night out with her friends. "I haven't seen these friends since I left for college last year. They threw me a pool party to welcome me home for the summer!" Sitting on the staricase for our interview, Alana Ryder's braces echo the silvery gleam of her stilettos. She's wearing a tiny striped minidress and string bikini, but she's dying to get out of both. "Being naked in my parents' house is such a turn on! The thrill of getting caught..." Seems miss Alana Ryder is a bit of a deviant. She immediately begins to peel off her casual party clothes, tossing her garments here and there along the foyer.

"There were some hot guys there, but I went to high school with most of them. I prefer, like, older men now." Gripping the banister of the staircase, Alana Ryder continues to strip. Her bikini panties get caught on the heel of her strappy silver sandal, and she ends up flinging them across the hall. "Oops," she giggles, "I guess I'll have to find those before my parents do!" Her bikini top slips off her shoulders as she tosses her long chestnut hair across her shoulders. "Besides, I need a man who can tell me what to do. That really turns me on! I've just been introduced to something called bondage? None of those guys have a clue."

This proved more true than thought. As the camera man began to give her instructions, Alana Ryder was more than willing to do everything he asked, and took great pleasure in following his every instruction. To prove just what a naughty teen she is, Alana Ryder began to masturbate for the camera. Digging into the stairs with her high heels, Alana Ryder gets just enough traction against the gyrating motion of her hips as she grinds her clit against her fingertips. Her tiny teen titties bouncing with her efforts to please herself. Dipping her long fingers into her wet pussy, Alana Ryder grins like a well-fed pussy cat.
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Bernice Sexy Babysitter

Bernice is getting ready for bed, but she's not spending the night alone. She's got her best friend, and coworker, over for the evening. Though it's been a long day for this bodacious babysitter, there's always time and energy for some sexy play! Lounging on her bed wearing a pink striped, sheer babydoll nightie, Bernice is more than happy to tell her best friend about her sexy encounter earlier this week. She smiles coyly, saying what a great kisser he was, and how she just couldn't help herself when he started to undress her. She had to feel him inside of her. Bernice's buddy listens intently as she reveals all the details of her hardcore encounter. But Bernice does more than kiss and tell; she's got a hidden agenda.

Bernice has been fantasizing about having her first all-girl sexual experience. Now, she's kissed plenty of girls, including her best friend on several occasions, but she's never gone all the way. Tonight, however, Bernice wants to go all the way with her girl friend, and she's planned for the occasion by buying a brand new pink dildo to fuck her barely legal bestie while she's eating her pussy for the first time. As Bernice continues telling her friend all about her sexy experience, she begins to remove her g-string, allowing her glistening teen pussy to peek back at her now aroused friend.

As they continue talking about all the naughty things that turn them on, Bernice shares with her friend that she's always had a crush on her, and that she'd like to do more than kiss her friend. Pulling off her babydoll, Bernice brilliantly models her lithe body, her teen titties embellished with kitten paw tattoos, and her tanned skin that's aching to be touched and caressed by soft female hands. Much to her satisfaction, her friend echoes her own desires for Bernice, and confesses that she was secretly hoping that Bernice would offer her beautiful body to all the pleasure they can share. Bernice made sure to have a cleanly shaved pussy, on the off chance that she and her girlfriend would 69, and her lips began to swell with anticipation. As you may have guessed, Bernice has never been with a woman before, and this will be her first time eating pussy! I know you want to watch! Nothing could be hotter than two girls going at it. But you can only find young, tasty teens at

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Marya Tempting Teen Model

Marya is a bright young star, earning her degree in Chemistry at the University she attends. But she knows a thing or two about chemistry outside the classroom, as well. Turning up the heat in red lace lingerie, red fishnet stockings, and silver stiletto boots that wrap and strap around her calves, Marya isn't shy about showing us how she serves dinner to her boyfriend. Removing her top, Marya displays her favorite body part: a pair of fully developed breasts perfectly peaked by plum colored nipples. Standing in the dining room, her shirt draped over her shoulder and her teen body brazenly bare, Marya's dark eyes beckon the question: "Are you hungry?"

Climbing into a seated position on the glass-topped table, Marya displays what's on the menu for dessert: her clean shaved pussy! Marya's lips are red and swollen with desire, glistening with wet anticipation for her boyfriend's arrival. "I think tonight we will skip dinner. I am hungry for something a bit more erotic. I am hungry for him!" She pulls her auburn hair back from her angelic face, her abs taut with anticipation, her breasts arcing upright in their naked glory. Marya swings her silver boots so that they glint in the light while she waits for her lover's hard cock. Finally he arrives! In the instant it takes for him to see Marya atop the table, all of her luscious fare on display, his erection begins to bulge against his trousers.

Marya wastes no time in offering him something to eat. Moving with the grace of a Minx, she leans over the back of the sofa to let him eat her sweet pussy from behind. He licks her red labia, darting his tongue in and out of her creaming vulva. He replaces his tongue with a finger, massaging the inner rim of her pussy while his tongue begins slowly circling and licking her anus. Tonight, it will be Marya who receives the special treat! With her eyes silently beckoning him to enter her, to take her in any way he'd like, Marya knows she'll get his firm, throbbing cock straight into her tight teen ass. Wouldn't you love to have a girlfriend as generous and horny as Marya? A teen who knows how to please her man is waiting for you... exclusively at

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Alana Ryder Rides a Vibrator

Alana Ryder is a fitness buff who really enjoys keeping her body in shape. And not just for softball, either. Her lean teen torso is one of her favorite body parts, especially her bejewelled belly-button. "I once got a guy off with my belly-button," Alana Ryder giggles, "and it felt so sexy!" Alana Ryder spends several hours a week in the gym keeping her youthful body toned and trim. Wearing a blue metallic bikini to escape the heat of her garage workouts, she's either ready to jump into the pool, or just enjoys looking like a cool drink of water for your thirsty eyes.

Working out really turns on this teen tease. After stripping out of her crocheted top and her bikini, Alana Ryder pauses from her leg lifts to take a little break. "Every time I work my legs, I get this intense tingling in my pussy. And the only relief I can find is by working that out, too." As she stands up from the bench, her very erect clitoris is obvious beneath her closely trimmed pubic hair, and her pussy is shimmering with wet. Alana Ryder pulls from her gym bag a clear vibrating dildo which is longer than her forearm. That's a pretty big toy for such a tiny teen body! "This is my newest piece of equipment," she beams, her braces glinting with pride as she flashes a huge smile.

"I used to try just to masturbate. But that never relieved the deep ache, you know? So I got this bad boy because it's big enough to really fuck myself." Alana Ryder shows her technique: she firmly grips the dildo upside down in her hand and begins to pierce into her tight, wet pussy with some brutal force. "I like it hard," she whimpers, "in real life. I like it harder and harder and deeper!" she moans through her climax. This teen spinner is aching for relief! Are you aching for relief? Does Alana Ryder's workout ritual leave you as hot and hard as it does her? Would you like to see more? Peruse through all of Alana Ryder's pictures, learn more about her pursuits, and find all the equipment you need to fulfill the desires she's awakened in you. Only at

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Bernice Hardcore Teen Model

Bernice is our newest hardcore teen model. This fresh faced, sweet teen is just blossoming into her sexuality, and is always eager to experience new things. She's eager to learn, wanting to feel every different size and shape of penis in her newly opened flower. Our sweet teen is still largely turned on by kissing, so her lover embraces her with tender strokes across her skin with his large hands, sweeping her blonde hair back from her angelic face. His velvety tongue entwines with hers, and her pussy drenches her blue bikini cut panties as he massages her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He sucks her tongue, rolling her nipples between his fingers, and Bernice moans and whimpers as he coaxes her young libido into peaks of pleasure rippling through her young body.

He knows she's read to take him when she begins ripping his clothes off of him, eager to taste the skin of his chest and arms. He pushes her onto her hands and knees, so he can press into her from behind, and Bernice is a beautiful sight, taut and ready to take him. Beginning with his hands on her hips, leveraging her while he wets his cock in her creamy pussy, he soon finds his beat thrusting hard and fast. His hips slapping against her ass. Bernice likes taking it doggy style! Her lover grabs a fistful of her hair, pulling it just hard enough so that she turns her head to face him. He wants her to see the pleasure he's getting, fucking this hot young teen. He tells her to spank herself, and she does. Bernice smiles with satisfaction- because she's never had a cock as big as his before, and she loves discovering each new sensation as his huge cock fills her pussy to the top.

Hearts pumping fast, the lovers roll into a modified position. With Bernice now on her side, he is free to take his time, gliding his cock as deep into her creampie as far as she can take him. Stroke after stroke, a little deeper with each thrust. Her long legs spread wide, his hand pulling her open even further to allow for the depth of his strokes. Her firm little titties bouncing with each push and withdrawal. Holding tight to him with two hands, Bernice moans in ecstasy as her lover plunges balls deep into her tight teen pussy in long, fast strokes. She cums for him, wetting his cock with her climax. As pleasure shudders through her body, her lover keeps a vice grip on her thigh as he continues his final ejaculatory thrusts deep into her fresh young pussy. You can only find action this hot, with teen models of this caliber, on And Bernice has even more in store for you... so what are you waiting for? Go deeper!

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