Petty Petite Brunette

Petty is an exceptionally cute 22 year old from the Czech Republic. Her big dark brown eyes make her look innocent but this girl is fully of dirty little secrets. She's a bit on the shy side in every-day life, but a whole new side of Petty comes out when she models. "People always think I'm completely clueless when it comes to sex and that's just not true," she tells us. "That's one of the reasons I love modelling so much. I love to surprise people." Today Petty is dressed in a short plaid skirt and black high heels that let her perfectly manicured toes peek out. She looks stunning. She settles into the chair and slowly undoes the top two buttons on her plaid top. Her fingers trail from her neck to her chest and catch on the edges of her shirt. She pulls it loosely to the edges of her shoulders and lets it drop on its own. She's not wearing a bra and I have to admit, those are some of the most beautiful tits I've ever seen. And I see a lot of amazing breasts. They're full and ripe and absolutely flawless.

Petty removes her top and plays with her tits and hard nipples for a few minutes as we snap some pictures. She stands and unbuttons her skirt, pulling it down over her hips. She's wearing a simple black thong, which she pulls down slightly in the front, just enough to make me think she's going to take it off. Instead, she hooks her fingers through the side and pulls it out away from her hips, turning at the same time to show off her great little booty. With her plaid skirt still around her thighs, Petty looks over her shoulder and pushes her ass toward the camera. And what an amazing ass it is! So firm and tight. I'm telling you... this girl's entire body is pretty damn near perfect.

Before she turns back to the camera, Petty shakes her tight little ass and gives it a smack. Her skirt falls to the floor and her thong soon follows. Wearing nothing but her sexy black heels, she hops onto the desk and props her long legs onto the chair in front of her. Her legs are lean and tan with just the right amount of muscular tone. In one word... perfection. "I get a lot of compliments on my legs," she says as she runs her hand over the silky smoothness. "But if I had to pick a favorite, I'd say I like my eyes the best." She tilts her head to the side and widens her big eyes just a little more. All I can think is that I'd have a hard time picking any one feature as her best one. Petty has got the whole package and then some. See which parts of her you like best at, updated weekly with some of the most stunning girls you'll find on the net.

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Leila Lesbian Hardcore

Leila is an incredibly cute 20 year old from the Czech Republic. Her adorable smile shows off her sweet side, and her diagonal auburn hair and tiny lip piercing show that she's got an even bigger playful side. Leila's an adventurous spirit by nature and is always up for something fun. So when we asked her if she would be interested in a girl/girl photo shoot, she jumped at the chance. "Well I definitely like boys better," she told us before the shoot. "But who doesn't love a little lesbian action every now and then?" Her eyes lit up when she saw beautiful blonde Keithy. The two hit it off right from the start, but it was Keithy who took the lead. Leila hadn't had many lesbian experiences before so she was happy to follow. The blonde took Leila's hand and led her to the sofa, where she began running her fingers lightly down Leila's neck. The two began kissing gently at first, and soon Keithy had Leila's shirt pulled down off her shoulder, exposing one petite, perky breast. For somebody who claims to like boys so much better than girls, Leila sure was getting turned on by having another girl teasing her tiny nipples.

After some more kissing and gentle teasing, Leila seemed to be getting more comfortable in the role. She pulled Keithy's blue tank top down and gave her puffy nipples a couple of good squeezes before pulling her own shirt down around her waist. I'm not sure she even realized it when her legs spread open and she moved her body closer to her new girlfriend's. "I didn't even know this was such a turn-on for me," she said to the camera, almost as if she were making a naughty confession. "Maybe I just never met the right girl before!" She turned her attention back to the hot blonde, who was now directing Leila onto her knees with her back toward the camera. Leila made no objection when Keithy pulled her panties down slightly and ran her hand over her tight round ass. With her other hand, Keithy pulled the crotch of Leila's panties to the side, giving a glimpse of the sweet little pussy hidden inside.

It wasn't long before the two were completely wrapped up in their own little erotic world. It was like they forgot the cameras were even there. They removed each other's panties and were soon exploring Leila's naked pussy together. Her legs were open on the sofa and her hole was getting wetter by the minute. Leila reached around her leg to slide a finger inside and at the same moment, Keithy slipped one of her own fingers in with Leila's. "Can you feel how wet my pussy is?" she asked Keithy, who was now pushing her finger in and out as Leila began to wiggle her hips. Things were really starting to heat up now! See the entire erotic set, along with all of Leila's other naughty photos and videos, only at

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Addison Dark Split Panties

Nineteen-year-old Addison Dark is a dark haired, dark eyed beauty from Romania. She is a very good student and her favorite subject is French. Addison has it all; brains. beauty, and body. Yes, if you have not yet noticed, Addison has a super hot and petite body that could be described as bite sized or the perfect spinner body. Addison looked especially hot in this naughty photo shoot of her dressed up in a hot pink tank top and denim shorts that were so short that her perfectly curvy butt cheeks peeked out of the bottom. "I love to wear sexy clothes that accentuate my body." Addison said. "It is such a thrill to see how many heads I can turn. Sometimes my friends and I like to play this game when we go out. We see how many guys will come up to us in one night out. Whichever girl has the most guys come up by the end of night wins the game." Addison giggled before adding, "I usually win."

Addison got in front of the camera and immediately turned into a naughty little sex kitten. She tossed her waist long hair over her shoulders as she straddled the side of a chair, arched her back, and stuck out her curvaceous booty. Then she hopped up and began her strip tease by pulling up her tank top and revealing her pair of full, ripe breasts and pink, hard nipples. "My favorite parts of my body are my stomach and my tits." Addison said as she caressed her nice titties. "I have the biggest tits out of all my friends." She said proudly. Then she ran her hands over her flat tummy and pierced naval and began unbuttoning her jean shorts.

Addison shorts fell to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of them and sat down in a nearby chair. Addison then spread her legs open wide to the camera and revealed that the little black thong she was wearing had a cut-out right down the middle. Her hot pink pussy was fully exposed and fully shaved. Addison reached down and spread open her pink pussy lips with both hands, exposing the silky wetness within. If you would like to see more of the sexy Addison Dark then check out right now for more hot, naked girls.

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Gala Busty Tit Babe

Eighteen year old hottie, Gala likes to keep her hot body in perfect shape. "I like to work out at the gym or sometimes at home." Gala said, "But at the gym there is always the possibility of meeting a hot guy. Guys at the gym are usually in good shape." She explained, "Plus one of my sexual fantasies is to have sex at the gym." Gala added with a naughty smile. Well, with Gala's amazing looks that shouldn't be a very hard fantasy to fulfill. She had a banging body with curves in all the right places, beautifully tanned skin, and a gorgeous face. Gala looked extra hot dressed up in a tiny work-out outfit complete with green socks and sneakers. She got down on her hands and knees on a bright green rug, bent over in doggy style position, showing off her perfectly round ass in a pair of short booty shorts.

Gala struck a series of sexually explicit poses on the bright green rug before standing up to begin a titillating strip tease. "Its getting hot in here." Gala said, "You know what that means? It's time to get naked!" She giggled as she shed her top and exposed her full, ripe breasts and sexy hard nipples. Topless, Gala then dropped her booty shorts and continued to sway her hips back and forth, looking stunning in a sheer, black g-string. Gala's big tits bounced with every move she made. She had her audience completely captivated and she was not even fully naked yet!

Gala then positioned herself on the leather sofa and slipped off the tiny black g-string. She tossed it across the room and stretched her naked body out and leaned back against the pillows, making herself nice and comfortable. Gala spread her legs open wide, giving the camera full view of all the hotness between her legs. She had a hot pink pussy that was completely bald so that nothing was hidden from view. Gala caressed her large breasts and pinched her nipples before sliding her hands downward to touch herself between her tanned thighs. See what else Gala does in this naughty photo shoot, only at

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Laney Rose Rabbit Toy

Twenty-one year old hottie, Laney Rose, was born and raised right here in the United States. She's a sweet heart with a very naughty side to her. The perfect blend of naughty and nice. A combination that every guy looks for in a girl. Not only only is Laney naughty and nice, she is also drop dead gorgeous. She has an angelic-like face, a body that is both hot and adorable, along with enough tattoos to make one think of her as a bad ass bitch but not so many that people think of her as a motorcycle riding bull dyke. She has dark brown hair that falls down to her waist in loose curls, her eyes are dark brown and sensual, and her skin is beautifully bronzed. In this sexually explicit photo shoot, Laney was dressed up in a bright yellow tube top and a pair of white shorts that were so see-through that you could see that she was wearing a matching yellow thong underneath them. She also wore a colorful necklace and white bracelets. She looked amazing.

The first article of clothing Laney stripped off was her white shorts. Sure enough, Laney was wearing a yellow thong underneath that was the same color yellow as her tube top. "Yellow is definitely one of my favorite colors if you couldn't already tell." Laney said with a sweet smile. She then turned around to give the camera a shot of her nice ass which looked super hot in the yellow thong and Laney showed it off to it's fullest extent. She shook her hips and bounced up and down making her booty jiggle in the most erotic way. Then Laney turned back around to face the camera and started sliding off her thong. It dropped to the floor and Laney's shaved pussy was revealed. It was just like the rest of her body-hot as fuck.

Laney pulled her tub top off and exposed her cute and tiny titties. Fully naked, Laney then took a seat on the white couch and spread her legs open wide. Her puffy pussy lips looked like they wanted desperately to be fucked hard. Laney must have been feeling the same way because at that precise moment she pulled out a big, rubber dildo that was pink and shiny and looked a lot like the infamous rabbit sex toy. Laney brought the toy to her lips, stuck her tongue out, and licked it from top to bottom. She then began sucking on it hungrily. Watch Laney use this toy on her horny pussy right now at!

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Addison Dark Sexy Striptease

Addison Dark is nineteen years old and she is from Romania. She's five feet, three inches of pure adorable hotness from head to toe. She has long dark locks that fall all the way down to her tiny waist, a gorgeously sensual face, a sweet, angelic smile, and a petite, tight, little body that makes you imagine railing it in every sexual position possible. Addison Dark also has a super sweet personality to go along with her exotic beauty. She is indeed a rare find and we feel pretty damn lucky to have her in bed with us! Especially since Addison was wearing this sexy, white and black lingerie that showed her pink nipples poking through the sheer material, straining to get free. "Its not like I am going to keep this thing on for very long anyway." Addison joked as she examined her nipples which were staring back at her in the mirror.

Addison gave the camera a sultry look that could stop traffic. Then she began slowly sliding her lingerie straps off of her shoulders, one by one. The top soon fell and Addison's tits became free. They were full, perky, just the right size for her body type, and so so sexy. Addison licked one of her fingers and brought it down to touch one of her nice sized, pink nipples. She repeated the motion with the other hand and the other nipple. Then Addison caressed her areolas until they stood out, hard and extended. Addison then smiled a sensual smile into the camera. Playing with her nipples always made Addison horny.

Addison continued her strip tease with a series of seductive poses in different states of undress, each pose more seductive than the last. Finally, Addison found herself completely stark naked on the bed with all of her hotness on full display. The camera loved her and she loved the camera back. There was no part of her hot body that Addison did not show off for the camera. She put it all out there and it was all smoking hot. Addison finally lay back on the bed and made herself comfortable with her nice legs stretched out in front of her. And the camera just kept on shooting. See all of Addison's sexually explicit positions for yourself in this naughty photo set, only at

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Gala Shower Play

Gala is a one fine ass babe with a body that is so hot it would be a sin to keep it hidden from the world. She comes to us all the way from Russia and we are simply overjoyed to have her. If you think this hottie looks young that is because she is. Yes, Gala is barely legal- she just turned eighteen years old! But, surprisingly, she is not at all shy when it comes to stripping down in front of a camera or in front of anyone else for that matter! "Of course I love to get naked and show off my body!" She said, "Wouldn't you?" Well, if I had her body then yes I would. But not only does Gala have an amazing pair of full breasts, beautiful bronzed skin, and a perfectly firm booty, Gala also has a gorgeous face to top off the whole perfect package. I give this girl a perfect ten out of ten!

Gala stood in the bathroom getting ready to soak her hot self in the bath tub. She unbuttoned the oversized men's shirt she was wearing and revealed her nice, big titties. Gala let the shirt drop to the floor and soon her white thong followed. Her hot pussy was completely shaved and completely sexy. "Actually" Gala informed me, "I usually like to get a brazilian wax. It gets rid of all the hair down there." As she stepped into the tub I could see what she meant. Completely hairless. And it was indescribably hot. Gala bent over to retrieve the shower nozzle. She turned the water on and sprayed herself all over, making her dark skin glisten and shine with wetness. When she turned around to show off her soaking wet ass I was simply blown away by how hot that booty looked with water drops dripping down into her sexy slit.

Gala continued to spray herself with the shower nozzle and as she did she revealed to us a few other things she liked to do with shower nozzles;
"If there is enough water pressure you can do some very naughty things to yourself. Gala said giggling, "I remember when I first got one of these in my shower. Let's just say I was a very clean girl for awhile there!" When she said that I'm pretty sure she had every guy (and girl) on the set fantasizing about her masturbating in the shower. Maybe she will turn the fantasy into a reality? Go to right now to find out if she did!

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Laney Rose Ass Spread

Twenty-one-year-old Laney Rose is a bad ass, tattooed chick who has two passions in life; rock-n-roll music and kinky sex. "I love to be handcuffed and blind folded and spanked with whips." Laney said as she stood in front of the camera stripping off her tank-top. Topless, Laney showed off her cute and tiny tits. "I call these my ittie bittie titties." Laney said giggling and pinching her little nipples. "You'd be surprised by how many guys tell me they actually prefer my small, natural tits to girls with huge, fake ones." Laney threw her long dark hair over one shoulder to give the camera a better look her ittie bitties. She looked smoking hot in a pair of black lace boy shorts and black fishnet stockings.

Laney did not leave her booty shorts on for very long. She soon got right to work sliding them down over her stockings and letting them drop to the floor around her ankles. Laney stepped out of the panties and started showing off her hot pink pussy which was fully exposed and it was smoking hot and completely shaved. Then Laney turned around to give the camera the view from the back. Laney's booty was just as hot as the rest of her body, but unlike her tits, Laney's ass was not itty bitty. In fact, it was phat- pretty, hot, and tempting. Laney reached back to grab her ass cheeks and, with both hands, she spread herself open wide. Her booty hole was very very tempting indeed! Laney smiled over her shoulder and said, "You like my cum dump?"

Laney continued to wow everyone with her seductive poses and erotic strip tease motions. She also wowed us with her extremely naughty mouth. Laney seemed to enjoy shocking people by saying the most outrageous and dirty things she could think of. It was way hot. I think I may have a fetish for hot chicks that like to talk dirty and Laney is the perfect example of that kind of chick. After showing off her booty and booty hole in every position possible, Laney turned back around and showed off her hot body from the full frontal angle. She sat down on a leather seat, spread her legs open, and then, with two fingers, she spread her pussy open as well. Laney then began caressing her horny clit and before we knew it, Laney was letting out moans filled with pleasure and her pussy was beginning to drip with pre-cum. Watch what happens next in this sexually explicit photo/video set, only at

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Addison Dark Extreme Blowjob

Addison Dark loves to get hot and heavy in the bedroom with a guy who really knows how to make her toes curl. She also loves getting onto her hands and knees and taking his big cock into her hungry mouth and licking it all over like a lollipop.Of course her lover had no problem getting his big cock nice and hard for her the second he saw Addison in her black, lace lingerie that pushed up her nice rack into delectable looking cleavage and her bedroom eyes that told him she was ready and willing to take him right here, right now. She trailed her tongue from his balls up to the tip of his dick and back again, giving him one of the best blow jobs he had ever had before. He loved it and couldn't get enough of it. That is until about fifteen minutes later when Addison withdrew her mouth, looked up into his eyes and said, "My turn!"

Addison's lover was more than happy to return the favor of oral pleasure. First he peeled down the top of her lace lingerie and released Addison's full, ripe breasts. He caressed them sensually and pinched her pink nipples. Addison loved his technique; it was making her crazy horny! He slid his hands down the length of her torso and then, slowly, he parted her thighs with his hands so that he had full access to all the silky wet goodies between her legs. He trailed his tongue from Addison's horny, pink clit down the wet and sticky slit and then back again. Addison couldn't help herself from moaning with pleasure.

After he had licked her hot pussy for a few more minutes, Addison had the uncontrollable urge to feel him deep inside of her. She sat up and looked straight into his eyes and told him of her urge, "I want to feel your cock deep inside my wet pussy right now!" He didn't mess around or waste even one second. How could he after that request? He immediately positioned himself behind her almost naked body in sideways doggy style position. He then grabbed one of Addison's thighs and pulled it up to give himself more leverage. Then he slid his hard dick deep inside her wet and ready box just like she'd wanted. And it was everything, if not more, she had expected it to be. Watch this hardcore video plus much much more naughty videos and picture sets, only at

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Daniela Diamond Sexy in Red

Daniela Diamond is a sensual beauty with incredible sex appeal. She looked especially sexy when she showed up for today's photo shoot. She was dressed in a tiny red strapless dress that barely covered her ass and made her legs look a mile long. She got comfortable on the bed and immediately started posing for the camera. I asked her to tell me about the first time she masturbated. "I still remember it like it was yesterday. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven," she recalls. "My parents always asked me why I spent so much time locked in my room... If only they knew!" She got on all fours and slowly spread her legs open. Her dress has slipped down slightly in the front, revealing her amazing cleavage. Daniela is one girl who can look just as sexy with her clothes on. And the way her long hair fell loosely over her shoulder just added to the sensuality of it all.

Slowly she pulled her dress down, exposing her ripe tits and tiny pink nipples. She chatted excitedly about all the ways she likes to pleasure herself. I could tell she was getting really turned on just thinking about it. "I've gotten really creative over the years when it comes to masturbating. I never would have thought there would be so many ways to make myself cum." When I ask how often she does it now, she replied "Pretty much whenever I have free time. If there's anything better than an orgasm, I haven't found it yet." With her dress still around her hips, she ran her hands up and down her smooth, tight body. One hand worked its way up to her breast and she began squeezing it and tugging on her nipple. The other hand was slowly working it's way down her stomach toward her red panties and the moistening pussy hidden inside.

When her hand reached her panties, Daniela slipped it under the fabric and onto her clit. I could see the movement through the red cotton as she slowly and erotically worked her clit. She slid her hand down a little farther and opened her legs slightly. "My pussy is already getting so wet and I've barely even started." Daniela removed her panties and dress and sat down on the bed. She spread her legs open and reached for her fleshy pussy again. "Wanna see how wet I am?" See all the naughtiness Daniela does with her wet pussy at

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