Bailey Bam Balcony Striptease

Bailey Bam is a tall and sexy twenty-one year old with a gorgeous face, tight, fit body, and legs that go on for days. She is not only beautiful, with her long dark hair falling down her back, but also quite smart. She has a year of college under her belt, likes English literature, and wants to be a writer. Seems like she could be girlfriend material, no? Not to mention, how hot she is. Here we have her on the balcony in denim daisy-duke shorts, a white off-the-shoulder top, and some super high heels that make those long legs look even longer. Yeah, any guy would be very lucky to have her as their girlfriend.

So as Bailey takes off her top to show us her perky tits, our camera guy asks her why she decided to go into modeling. "I have a friend that does it and I thought it looked like fun. Plus, I have always been a very sexual person so getting naked is no big deal to me." Bailey answers as she turns around and starts sliding off her jean short shorts to show off her amazingly round ass in red laced panties."I've just always been very sexually free." She continues, sliding her shorts down further, "I mean, I did lose my virginity at fifteen." Not something I would have guessed by looking at her. But I like it.

Bailey turns to face the camera and smiles as she starts pulling down the red panties to show off a perfectly shaved pussy. Our camera guy tells her he's surprised that she lost her virginity at such a young age. Apparently I'm not the only one. Bailey replies, "Well, the guy was older. A lot older." Interesting. All I know is, this girl is smart, sexy, gorgeous, and she obviously likes to fuck. Sounds like a win-win to me. Does it get much better? Bailey smiles at the camera guy again and lets her panties drop to the floor. Nope, doesn't get much better than that. See even more of the sexy Bailey Bam at

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Marfas Hardcore Pussy Fuck

Marfa is a hot little Russian cutie who just recently turned eighteen years old and she is now ready for porn. "I have been waiting since I was seven-teen." Marfa tells us before her big scene today. "And now I can finally fuck on camera and get paid for it too!" Marfa has a thing about fucking, especially on camera. "It turns me on like crazy! So to get paid for something I would do anyway is just the best thing ever!" You know, it is the best thing ever! A young and hot, petite blonde with a craving for fucking on camera? Score! And, if Marfa wasn't doing porn she says she would have become a chef. So she also likes to cook...double score.

Marfa and her guy start off their sceneby quickly getting rid of the little bit of clothing she had on. Followed by some hot foreplay of nipple rubbing, nipple licking, and nipple sucking which Marfa seemed to really like. She was already getting super excited. After a little more naughty foreplay, he slid his hard cock deep inside her wet and ready pussy. Marfa grabbed her breasts and moaned out in pleasure as he started pumping away on her juicey little pussy. "It feels so good!" She said lustfully. After doing this for a little longer, Marfa said; "Can we do it in my favorite position now?" And of course they can!

We ask what her favorite position is and she says; "Reverse cowgirl!" Her guy was more than happy to oblige. So the two switched positions and Marfa climbed aboard and straddled his dick with her ass towards him. Which he loved, of course. Then, she started bouncing up and down, making his dick slide in and out super fast and then slow and then fast. She reached up with one hand and grabbed one of her tits and with her free hand, reached between her legs to pleasure her clit while bouncing up and down and getting this lucky guy's dick super soaked. You will definitely want to see the rest of this sexy scene and it is only at

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Asya Pantyhose Satisfaction

Asya is all dressed up in a sexy short school-girl skirt, panty hose, and a white short sleeved blouse that only covers half her belly button and has buttons up the front. I noticed she has her belly button pierced. That's pretty hot. She stands before me in front of the bed playing with her plaid skirt in a very school girl like way. Asya is only eighteen so she was technically a school girl not that long ago and that may be why she is pulling off this look so well. All I know is, I want to get her on the bed, naked, as soon as possible.

She must have been reading my mind or something because just then, she smiled at me, crawled onto the bed, stood on her knees, and started to unbutton the white blouse. I snapped to attention and started snapping away with my camera as she started to show me the full diamond butterfly belly button ring along with her cute and sexy perky breasts. Soon I had her topless on the bed with nothing left but her plaid skirt with the panty hose underneath. I couldn't wait to see what else was underneath too.

It wasn't long before I got to find out because Asya, being the mind reader that she is, then decided to lay back against the pillows, grab her tits with her hands, and open her long legs so that I could see all the way up her skirt. I noticed it suddenly felt like it was getting really hot in there. And then she started spreading her legs open even wider and I saw that she wasn't wearing any panties or anything at all under her panty hose and that's pretty damn sexy! Asya gave me a look and I knew she probably knew what I was thinking then too...see the rest only at

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Cassandra Nix Water Masturbation

Cassandra Nix is looking cute and sexy as usual in a bright pink tank-top, yellow short shorts, and a rainbow colored necklace that hangs below her breasts. She has such a pretty face and smile, that it's almost hard to believe she is about to completely strip down to nothing and get in the bath tub for us. But Cassandra is, "More than happy to!" she says as she rubs her hands between her smooth legs and up to her shorts. Cassandra is that good girl with the super naughty side. My favorite kind of girl. A lady in the streets but a freak in the they say.

Cassandra stands up and takes off her pink tank-top. She isn't wearing a bra (of course)
so her small tits are on full display for all to see. She gives the camera a big smile, showing how comfortable she is being naked and with her body and that to me, makes her even more sexy. If that's even possible. Her long hair and her long necklace brush against her hard nipples in a very erotic way. This girl is just too cute. I think it's about time to get her completely naked and into the bath tub, like now.

Cassandra strips down to nothing, quickly throwing her yellow shorts to the side, and showing us her completely shaved pussy, which is super hot by the way. She turns on the bath water and gets in, pointing her pussy toward the running water with her legs open. Then she puts her legs up on the sides of the tub and directs the water directly onto her pussy, giggling. I think she liked it because she just kept doing this and didn't seem to want to stop and that was certainly okay with everyone at the shoot...see what happens next only at

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Randi Ryan Is A Naughty Student

Randi Ryan just recently discovered how much she loves getting naked in front of the camera with her boyfriend behind the camera taking the pictures. So today, she decided to get all dolled up in a school girl type of outfit because her boyfriend really has a fetish for that sort of thing. (Who doesn't?) And she thought it would be fun to turn him on and take some really sexy pictures at the same time. Her outfit consisted of a white sleeveless blouse with a plaid tie down the front and a short plaid skirt which Randi quickly threw off so she could reveal the sexy white panties underneath with the cute ruffles on them.

After bending over the couch and giving her boyfriend a nice view of her ass in her ruffled panties, Randi decided to just go ahead and take the panties off. By this point, I think her idea to get her boyfriend turned on in this photo session was probably doing the trick. Randi pulled the white blouse together from the center so her tits popped out the sides. She then squeezed her perky white titties with her hands, making her pink nipples instantly hard (and most likely making you-know-who instantly hard as well.)

After playing with her tits a little more, Randi took off the white blouse and sat back on the couch, now completely naked with all of her vivacious curves on display. She brought her knees up to her chest and opened her legs while at the same time reached one hand down between her legs to touch her clit with one finger. She looked right into the camera (and right at her boyfriend) and gave both a knowing smile. She could see she had fully and successfully turned him on. But she wasn't near done playing yet...see the rest of this hot photo session only at!

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Asya's Candy Masturbation

Asya, is a sweet eighteen-year-old Russian cutie, who really really likes her candy. For this naughty photo shoot, Asya got herself all dressed up in white high heeled sandals, a short flowing skirt and a baby pink top with a zipper that went all the way up the front. She almost looked like she could be going to church in this outfit but not quite. Somehow that made it even hotter. She walked onto set with her "kiss me" lolly pop in hand and was all ready to start the licking and stripping. "It really does taste good!" She said after the first lick and suck on the pink lolly pop with her pink tongue."It tastes so sweet!" Probably not as sweet as she does.

As if all that licking and sucking wasn't hot enough, Asya then decided to unzip her pink top all the way open, so that her perky tits were exposed for all to see. Then she started to open her legs just a little so we got to see a glimpse up her short skirt as she took the pink top all the way off. Asya kept licking and sucking her pink lolly pop until she had eaten the whole thing. She laughed and said "I told you I really really like candy!" And we really like her candy too.

So we gave her something else to suck on. Another lolly pop. This one was rainbow colored. Asya stood up and took it happily. She started sucking on it instantly and then put one foot up on the chair she had been sitting in so we could now see all the way up her skirt. Her legs looked super long and sexy from that angle. We couldn't wait for her to take the skirt all the way off and show us that pretty little pussy hiding underneath. To see it yourself and find out what else Asya plans to do with that lolly pop go to

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Cassandra Nix Innocent Smile

Cassandra Nix is a super sexy eighteen-year-old girl from California who just graduated high school. She also happens to have a super tight and fit body. "I used to be embarrassed and shy about taking my clothes off in front of people until every person I did get naked in front of told me how adorable and perfect my body is." Cassandra says, spreading her long legs for us and giving us a nice flash of her gray cotton panties. Not only does she have an adorable body, she has a very adorable smile. "I've been told that a lot too." She says laughing. "Mostly in cheerleading...which was all through high school." That's hot.

Cassandra has that cheerleader look all over her. She was probably one of those good girls in high school that all the guys wanted to get with but never could. "Hey, I'm still that girl!" She says with a big emphasis on the 'still'. Well, we know all the guys would obviously still want to get with her but the 'good girl' thing? I don't know about that. She does look somewhat sweet and innocent but something tells me there's a very naughty girl behind that sweet smile. Maybe its that sexy facial piercing. Or maybe its the fact that she just lifted up her orange top to flash us her amazing tits. Probably a little of both,

So, now that we have the sexy Cassandra standing in front of us, topless, wearing nothing but her gray cotton panties, with her hard nipples staring us in the face, we asked her exactly how old she was when she lost her virginity. "I was sixteen." She giggles and then says, "Don't laugh at this cliche...but it was on prom night." No way! A cheerleader that lost her virginity on prom night? She definitely was 'that girl' in high school and I think she still is but only now she has a little more of a naughty side to her. Which makes her basically perfect, right? Find out more about this girl at

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Randi Ryan Masterbates

Randi Ryan is a small town girl from Massachusetts. When you think of a small town girl you'd expect her to be a little bit innocent but Randi is very far from innocent. She was quite the naughty girl even in high school where she got caught ditching class and even stole her parent's car one night! She may look sweet but she definitely has a bad girl side which is just what guys like about her. Randi used to be a baby sitter but discovered her love for modeling after an ex boyfriend took these sexy photos of her one night. She started stripping her clothes off for him first but then he told her to leave on her blue top because he had something for her that would match perfectly-a blue vibrator. She gladly takes it and rubs her pussy with it untill she is so turned on that she keeps spreading her legs open wider and wider. Her very lucky boyfriend catches it all on his camera and now we are lucky enough to get to see the sexy pictures too.

Randi starts getting really hot and bothered from rubbing herself so much with the toy. "I want to put it in my mouth and get it all wet for my pussy!" She says to her boyfriend who, of course, has no objection to this. Randi gets off of the zebra print seat she was posing on and lays down on the floor. Then she puts the toy in her mouth, kisses it, while at the same time puts her legs straight up in the air so we get to see her sexy ass, pussy, legs, feet, everything! Randi is such a natural in front of the camera and her boyfriend tells her so. "And this is my first time taking naked pictures ever!" She says back to him around a mouthful of toy. Now she is getting really turned on and so are we!

Finally Randi stands up and positions herself at the perfect angle to slide the toy inside her wet and horny pussy. "It feels SO good!" She says to her boyfriend who is having trouble keeping his hard-on in his pants and who could blame him with this hot naked girl in front of him sticking a toy inside her pussy? Randi is really getting into it now. She puts one foot on the zebra print seat and slides the toy in further. Then with her free hand she starts rubbing her clit, sticks out her erect nipples, and throws her head back in pleasure. After this photo session she is hooked and takes more and more naughty pictures and they are all here for you to see at

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Asya Gets Hot and Heavy

Asya is a sexy, petite eighteen-year-old girl from Russia, who happens to have a very healthy sexual appetite. She lost her virginity at fifteen so she isn't exactly inexperienced when it comes to sex. "Its one of my very favorite activities!" Asya tells us. She also loves music and dancing which is probably why she has such fit tight body. "I take a dance class once a week and I also like to dance everyday when I get out of the shower." She says with a little wink. "But I would rather use sex as a work out than dance." We ask her why that is and she replies; "Because I don't usually get orgasms from dancing." Can't argue with that.

But Asya isn't just all about dance and fucking. She also describes herself as a hopeless romantic." My dream is to find a sexy man that falls madly in love with me, spoils me, and marries me and then we will live happily ever after." Asya says with a smile that seems somehow dreamy and naughty at the same time. In front of the camera she is very sweet and flirty. Especially to the guy in the scene. At one point, after pulling her red panties down around her thighs, she leans in to kiss him with her sexy pink lips as he is holding his hard cock in one hand and holding Asya's hair back with the other hand. That kiss was cute, sweet, and super sexy. I know it turned me on!

Now they are both getting into it and its starting to get pretty hot and heavy. Asya lays back and lets him slide his hard dick inside her sideways, from behind. "This is one of my favorite positions!" she exclaims in ecstasy as he keeps sliding himself deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. He grabs one of her legs and holds it back to get a better grip on her. She smiles up at him and he smiles back. If I didn't know better, I'd say these two are really into each other...or maybe they are just really in lust. Which can be way better anyway. If anyone is curious to see how this hot and steamy sex session continues; see the full set and more at

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Veronica Rodriguez Secret Admirer

Veronica Rodriguez loves to go swimming. She swims in her pool every single day and practically lives in a bikini. She has a bikini in every color, print, design, and style. I guess you could say she has a fetish for bikinis. This particular bikini was a gift. Veronica found it on her door step earlier that day with a note that said- To; Veronica. From; Your Secret Admirer. She got instantly turned on and rushed inside to try it on. Of course, it fit her body perfectly. So she decided to take some pictures in it out by the pool.

Veronica was so turned on by the thought of a secret admirer leaving her the bikini she was wearing that she started rubbing the bikini top against her nipples untill they were super hard. Then she decided to just take the bikini top off and get some topless tanning in. The warm sun felt so good on her bare breasts, and it just kept getting her more and more turned on and all the while, wondering who this secret admirer could be. It was starting to drive her crazy!

Now her bikini bottoms were starting to get wet and she hadn't even put a toe into the pool yet. She was so horny she just couldn't take it any longer. She pulled off the bikini bottoms and tossed them to the spot she had tossed her bikini top. Then she put one leg up on the lounge and spread her wet pussy open and rubbed herself untill she came long and hard. After she'd finished getting herself off, she looked around for her new bikini but it was nowhere to be found... Find out more about Veronica Rodriguez at

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