Erica Fontes Wet Red Panties

After a nice, relaxing day of tanning out by the pool in her red string bikini, blonde and beautiful Erica Fontes likes to cool herself off by taking a bath in invigoratingly cool water. "The water is actually quite nice after laying in the hot sun all day. The coolness relaxes me and invigorates me at the same time." Erica tells us "Oh, and it also stimulates me." We found that statement to be both interesting and very sexy. So of course we had the lovely Erica lay out in the sun wearing one of her teeny tiniest bikinis and when she was done tanning we were all set to photograph Erica's invigorating and stimulating bath. Excited yet? Of course you are! That's why you want to keep reading! But I'd bet that anything having to do with this hottie would get anyone excited. Just look at her-she's simply gorgeous. And check out that ass! I mean, wow!

Long blonde hair falling down her back, sweet angelic face, dazzling white smile, Erica is definitely a ten in my book. And that was when she was still wearing her bikini! Once she started sliding off the straps of her bikini top and peeled down the bikini thong a bit, Erica went from a ten to a twenty. Yes, naked, Erica was even more amazing. Petite with a super tight body. Very toned in all the right places, beautiful tan skin, nice perky set of tits with hard nipples which just drove me (and everyone else) wild! Erica smiled and said, "I like my tits too. I know they are small but I really like them that way. All the men I've been with like them too. They all tell me that they like my tits way more than all the huge tits they've come into contact with." I couldn't help smiling at that. It was adorably cute. Erica's bikini bottoms then dropped to the floor and her shaved pussy was put on display for us all. And it was just like the rest of her body- hot as fuck!

Erica lay back in the tub letting the cool water cascade over her, soaking her tan skin, and creating little goose bumps all over her sexy body. Tan lines from her bikini became visible (which is another fetish of mine) as Erica gave the camera some very sexually explicit poses that you would be crazy to miss. When Erica was full stimulated she stood up and reached for a towel. As she was drying her naked body, Erica leaned in to whisper; "Now its time to really get this party started!" Like I said; you'd be crazy to miss this! See it all right now, only at

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Nicole Rider Rides Hard

Twenty year old New Jersey native, Nicole Rider loves having her nipples played with. Her man loves it too. Her breasts are so nice and perky, who wouldn't want to play with them and twist the nipples to make them stand out, hard? Nicole rubs her fingers over her pink polka dot panties as her man continues to fondle her breasts. She is feeling super horny, more so by the second. She can't wait to strip the pink panties off and show him the tight pink pussy she has waiting just for him. She rubs herself harder through the material and feels herself becoming more and more wet.

"I think you need to rip these panties off." Nicole says to her lover. He does as she asks without any hesitation. Then he strips off the rest of his clothes and turns her over on her side. After feeling her dripping wet pussy with his hand, he enters her from behind, slowly at first. Nicole moans loudly. She loves the way his hard cock feels inside her juicy box. Her man grips her nice ass and continues to pound her, faster and faster, harder and harder. "Oh yeah!" Nicole says, "Just like that!"

The two pounded away like this for awhile longer until Nicole suggested they switch positions. Both their bodies were hot and covered in sweat but they were still ready for more. Nicole got on all fours in doggy style position, sticking her cute, round ass up in the air. Her man entered her again from behind, this time not as slowly. He pumped away, in and out, as Nicole moaned loudly until he brought her to a mind blowing orgasm that left her tingling and smiling with delight. If you thought that was hot then you will definitely want to check out the rest of this steamy sex session and you can find it only at

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Missi Daniels Panties Tease

Busty brunette, Missi Daniels is looking cute as can be in a bright green tank top, colorful lady bug panties, and a very pretty smile. She posed for the camera with her tank top pulled up over her full breasts, large areolas fully exposed above her flat tummy and sexy hips. Along with her smoking hot body, Missi is also is into all sorts of fun and naughty things such as girls and threesomes for instance. Apparently Missi has already been with eight girls! Pretty impressive for a twenty-one year old girl from Seattle. "Even though I prefer sex with guys, I would definitely consider myself a bisexual. Sex with girls can get me really turned on." Missi confides to us. So, this chick is more than just a pretty face.

Missi started sliding the panties down over her curvy hips, exposing her shaved pussy for the camera and for everyone on the set. It was a very nice view that got even nicer when Missi turned around to show off her round, bare ass. She stretched out sideways on a bench seat, directing that nice ass toward the camera and toward her captivated audience. "Looks good enough to spank doesn't it?" Missi said, smiling playfully. Of course everyone agreed with her. Missi then reached back and slapped her own ass, making an erotic spanking sound. She giggled. "I love being spanked!"

Missi rolled over and slowly opened her legs, putting her hot pussy on full display, front and center. She threw one leg up on the bench, the other foot on the floor, giving the camera an even better view of the sexy slit between her luscious legs. That spanking must have gotten Missi pretty turned on because you could see that her pussy was becoming moist. She ran her hands slowly over her full breasts, twisted her nips, then ran them down her tummy, and finally rested them between her thighs. She then started rubbing her clit, making herself more and more wet. And it gets even better. See it all for yourself right now, only at

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Melissa Delancey Lingerie Teen

Melissa Delancey is looking super pretty in pink in this classically sexy photo shoot. The twenty year old UK beauty is busting out of a baby pink corset made of silk and lace with a matching pink garter belt and pink thigh-high stockings. I really love this look; classy, girly, and sexy all rolled into one tight little package. Melissa's English accent and English way of carrying herself makes her come off as extremely delicate and lady like, combined with sexy lingerie and naughty bedroom eyes equals-huge turn on. Especially when she smiles into the camera and lifts the bottom ruffle of her corset to flash some thigh. Hot!

Melissa sat on a stool with stocking clad legs spread open wide, displaying her pink panties with the very thin material hardly covering the sweetness between her legs. It was a delicious tease. Melissa ran her hands from her neck down to her large breasts which were trying desperately to escape the confines of her tight corset. She slipped the straps off her shoulders and set her tits free by peeling down the top of the corset. They popped out and bounced ever so slightly. Her nipples were pink, matching the rest of Melissa's look. She then ran her hands down to her open thighs. Smiling, she slowly pulled the panties to the side, exposing her shaved pussy which was also (you guessed it!) pink.

Melissa let go of the panties and they snapped back, covering her pussy back up again. Then she unhooked the garter belt, freeing her stockings one by one. Melissa stood slowly, seductively. She had a way of making one very excited and practically begging for more. I think she knew this because she kept giving the camera naughty little smiles. She lifted the corset, exposing her flat tummy and pierced naval. Hooking a thumb into the side of her panties, Melissa said; "Shall I show you my twat again?" See the rest and more, only at!

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Lexi Bloom Wet Pussy

Nineteen year old brunette beauty, Lexi Bloom is looking sweet and sexy today as she strips in the bathroom preparing for a warm bubble bath. I walked in on her as she was just getting off her clothes. She stood topless in front of the tub, clad in only a white silk thong and big white smile. Her dark brown eyes were lit up and as sparkly as her diamond belly button ring. "Wanna shoot me in the bath?" Lexi asked me and of course I said yes. Once I had my camera was all ready to go, Lexi started smiling and posing, grabbing her amazing pair of full tits and squeezing the nipples making them stand out, erotically hard.

Lexi turned the water on and climbed up onto the side of the tub, posing from above giving me some great shots.
She was having a blast, laughing and smiling and twirling around like a pretty naked ballerina. Then she turned around on the side of tub and faced her nice ass toward the camera. She bent over and slowly peeled down the silk thong, putting her firm, round ass on full display. She tossed the thong to the side, making her completely naked now and she looked even more amazing than before.

Once the tub was filled with bubbles, Lexi hauled her naked ass in and started lathering up her hot body, all the while playing to the camera and making cute and sensual faces. She rubbed the bubbles all over her chest, her breasts, down her flat stomach, and all over her sexy legs. Then she parted those sexy legs, giving me an amazing view of her hot, shaved pussy. This is one set you will not want to miss so check it out now, only at

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Missi Daniels Masturbation

Missi Daniels is a smoking hot twenty one year old babe from Seattle, Washington and she is stripping down to nothing and being a very naughty girl for us today. The brunette beauty loves to show off her hot body almost as much as she loves to pleasure herself. "Sometimes I masturbate six to ten times a day." Missi tells us. "And I have been doing that since I was about thirteen years old." That's quite impressive. Missi positions herself in front of the camera, wearing a tiny pair of black panties and a turquoise t-shirt. She smiles brightly and pulls the top up over her nice rack and lets the shirt rest on top of her full, round tits. Hands on her hips, Missi gives the camera another smile and says; "Action!"

She keeps the shirt on, pulled up over her full breasts with their nice large nipples. Missi peels off the black panties and lets them fall to the floor around her ankles. She steps out of them and kicks them aside. Then Missi positions herself on the floor, laying on her side. She opens her legs up to the camera, putting her shaved pussy on full display. Her wetness showed how turned on and horny she was getting so it was no surprise when she asked for a toy to play with. Missi rubbed the blue vibrator all over her horny box, making herself moan with pleasure.

Missi teased her clit bringing herself so close to orgasm but stopping just before. After doing this a few times, Missi sat up and took off her shirt and tossed it aside. Now completely naked, she sat down on the zebra print stool, blue toy in her hand. She gave the camera a sexy smile and opened her legs up once again. "Ready to watch me cum now?" Missi said with a naughty wink. We were more than ready. Are you? Check her out now, only at

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Melissa Delancey Soaking Wet

Melissa Delancey is a twenty year old who is hot, blond, and from the UK. She is into all sorts of fun and kinky things including, but not limited to; girls, threesomes, blow jobs, anal. There isn't a whole lot this little lady hasn't tried so don't be fooled by that sweet and innocent smile; Melissa is a lot more naughty than she looks. And that is just what we like about her. In this particular photo session, Melissa is up to her usual naughtiness, spread out on the blue silk bed, lathering up her hot body with baby oil. Hot girls all shiny and oiled up are actually a fetish of mine, especially when they get naked. So, yay!

Melissa rubbed the oil all over the exposed parts of her body but she soon decided that she should expose more. Everyone happened to agree with this idea. So off went her top, over her head and onto the floor. She had quite an incredible pair of full round breasts with good sized, hard nipples. They caused a stirring amongst everyone on the shoot, mostly men, and Melissa smiled. She was becoming more comfortable in front of the camera, especially topless. So much so in fact that Melissa was running her hands over her flat, naval pierced tummy, playing with her bright pink panties, the last article of clothing she had on.

Melissa continued teasing the camera, pulling on the panties, giving quick flashes here and there until she finally lay back against the pillows and surrendered to her desires. She lifted her legs up into the air, pointing her toes. Then she slid the panties all the way down to her thighs, exposing everything between her legs. She looked into the camera with a playful smile as she reached her hands down to spread open her hot pink pussy. Nice and shiny just like her body from the baby oil. See Melissa get even more naked, only at

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Lexi Bloom Sock Heaven

Lexi Bloom is a nineteen year old brunette hottie from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. She lists her hobbies as; dancing, reading, and boys. Meaning; she is in shape, smart, and she puts out. Right? And I'm glad she does because it would be a terrible crime not to show off that banging body of her's. I mean, just look at it! Incredible. "My tits are probably my favorite part of my body." Lexi tells me as she takes her top off and tosses it aside. "Boys seem to like them a lot." Well, we can definitely see why. Full and round with lovely hard nipples on a lovely hard body. It doesn't get much better than this. Or maybe it does. Just then Lexi unzipped her denim shorts to show us the bright pink panties she had on underneath. That's some hot stuff!

Lexi let the denim shorts fall around her ankles and she stepped out of them in her white knee high socks with pink and yellow stripes at the top. After kicking the discarded shorts aside, Lexi turned around to show off her amazing ass in the bright pink panties. It was round, plump, and firm. The kind of ass you really want to spank. Lexi giggled a little. She bent over and started sliding the panties down, exposing her bare ass that looked even better without the pink panties. The panties slid down Lexi's nice legs and fell to the floor.

Now Lexi was completely naked except for the knee high socks and she looked damn good too. Her body was incredibly voluptuous and curvy. After posing in front of the pink covered bed for awhile, Lexi decided to make herself more comfortable on top of the bed. She lay on her back, looking up into the camera in all her nudity. Slowly she spread her legs open, giving us a good look at her sexy, shaved pussy. Lexi ran her hands over her hot body and smiled her dazzling smile into the camera. See more of this banging beauty now, only at

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Missi Daniels Hardcore Babe

"I love having my nipples licked like that. Its sends shivers all through my body." Missi Daniels tells her lover this as he starts to get her naked. Not even waiting to hit the bedroom to do the dirty deed. He can't wait to stick his hard cock inside her moist, wet pussy over and over. You can see the goose bumps on her tits and he gently sucks away and caresses her medium size tits in his hands. Her long brown hair rests against her tanned skin and gently tickles her as well.

He bends Missi over after he gets her completely naked. Look how nice and tight her ass looks as she bent over. Her sideboob looks especially inviting with her big aerolas also sticking out. "Come on and fuck me harder. I love when A guys knows what they are doing but makes sure to let me cum first. I don't care how you do it as long as you can hold off as long as I can." I think he can handle Missi very well as you can tell from the expression on her face. A look of pure joy and fulfilment as she moans more and more.

"That's it, don't stop. I am almost there!" The anticipation is killing her lover. He can't wait for Missy to scream and have the best orgasm she's ever had. And we know you can't wait either. If you want to see this extremely hot hardcore video, then go check it out, only at

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Brie Turner Cheers You Up!

Brie Turner is cute, blonde, and ready to seduce you in her sexy little cheerleading costume. I don't know what it is about guys and cheerleaders but there is something about a hot chick in a cheerleading uniform that seems to drive men wild. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that cheerleaders in high school are usually the hottest girls in school. Or maybe its just the short skirts and tight tops. Either way, Brie Turner definitely knows how to turn a guy on. She is a nineteen year old Minnesota girl with a tight body and a very pretty face and she is all dressed up to cheer just for you.

Brie begins her strip tease by peeling up the tighter than tight top and showing off her nice pair of full round breasts with their pink nipples. This caused quite a stir among the men on the set. Brie smiled at them, showing off her whiter than white teeth, dazzling her audience. Brie liked showing off her hot body for an audience. Especially an audience of men. It was a turn on to her, a thrill. "I love making them drool till their begging for more." Brie had told me earlier that day. "It turns me on almost as much as it does them." Brie gave me a naughty smile and a wink.

Topless, Brie started peeling off the cheerleading skirt. When it fell to the ground her audience discovered that Brie wasn't wearing any panties underneath and her sexy pussy was completely shaved. Naked, she paraded around the room, showing off every curve, tits and ass bouncing with each step. She knelt down to pick up a pair of blue pom poms off of the floor. And for the grand finale of brie's seduction, she shook the pom poms and shook her body in perfect unison making her audience go wild. Brie smiled and laughed. She wasn't done quite yet! See it all at

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