Cynthia Hill Lucky Pink Dildo

Curvy Czech beauty Cynthia Hill has tits that would make any red-blooded man do a double-take. They've been her pride and joy since she first started growing them, and yes... they are 100% natural. "I love my tits!" Cynthia told us. "I always had so much fun teasing the boys in school, especially when I was so much bigger than all of my friends. Whenever I wore a low-cut top, boys would literally trip over themselves and run into walls because they were so busy staring at my boobs." She laughed affectionately as she recalled her school days, and then added "Actually some grown men STILL do that!" She lifted her shirt to back up her claims, and sure enough... a pair of full round titties were unveiled. Absolute perfection!

Now that I'd seen how beautiful her boobs are, I couldn't wait to check out the rest of her body. Cynthia turned around and playfully flipped up her short ruffled skirt, and I half expected to see a bare naked booty peeking out. But the way her white cotton panties hugged her curvy ass was a pleasant surprise. When she bent over to pull off the skirt, I caught a glimpse of her pussy lips contoured through her panties. It might have been my imagination, but I thought I even saw a moist spot on her panties, showing that Cynthia was just as turned on as I was by then. The way her big titties hung as she bent over was just the icing on an already delicious cake.

Cynthia took a seat in the chair, sliding her panties down her legs at the same time. She scooted her ass forward and leaned back, then reached into a drawer in the desk for a fat pink dildo. "I have toys hidden in every room of my house," she laughed. "What can I say... I love my toys!" She slid the head of the toy up and down over her pink pussy lips, then between them, getting the head nice and slick from her glistening pussy juices. Then she focused the rounded end of the sex toy on her clit, gliding it up one side and down the other, making an up-side-down U. Cynthia's clit grew slightly bigger and more flushed with each U she traced, until finally she let a soft moan escape from her lips. I could tell by the way she spread her legs open even wider and pushed her hips forward that she couldn't wait to feel that fake cock pushing into her wet twat... couldn't wait to cum. Watch Cynthia take her sweet pussy from aching to orgasmic til she cums all over her lucky pink dildo, exclusively at

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Cassie Laine Magic Wand Orgasm

Adorable nineteen year old Cassie Laine is about as cute as they come and twice as sexy! She couldn't wait until she turned 18 so she could start taking her clothes off for the camera. "I'm a HUGE flirt and I love being the center of attention, so it seemed only natural for me do nude modelling," Cassie confessed. "I was just mad that I had to wait until my 18th birthday. If I had my way, I would have been doing it much sooner!" Cassie lifted her t-shirt, revealing that she wore no bra underneath. She swayed her hips back and forth as her fingers found her nipples, flicking and pinching them to full hardness. For somebody who had been doing this for only just over a year, Cassie was surprisingly comfortable in front of the camera and all the lustful eyes in the room.

As Cassie danced around playfully on the bed, her top came off over her head and her tiny shorts soon followed, all in one long fluid movement, it seemed. Both hands slid into the waistband of her thong panties as she flopped back on the bed and slipped them down over her hips. She shot an innocent look at the camera and then stated very simply, "I woke up very horny this morning. I always wake up horny on days I have shoots." I was hoping she was going somewhere with that, and just then she flopped over on her stomach and reached under the bed for her prized toy... a magic wand vibrator. She showed it off to the camera with a devilish grin on her face that was as big as the toy itself.

"I call this 'The Monster'. I try not to use it too often because I don't want to get bored with it, but I'm always looking for a good excuse to bring it out," Cassie announced as she flipped the power on. She settled herself on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide and her moist pussy in full view of the camera. As soon as she touched the powerful vibrator to her clit, Cassie's whole body shuddered and her tight pussy contracted, clamping shut like a vice. After several seconds of pleasure almost too intense to handle, her body relaxed and Cassie began gliding the head of the vibrator in small circles around her swollen clit. When her hips started thrusting and pushing her wet fuck-hole upward to get a taste of the intensity for itself, I knew this was going to be one of the quickest orgasms on record. You can see Cassie pleasure her fresh pussy until she explodes in orgasm, exclusively at

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Alexa Rydell Unfulfilled Fantasy

Adorable college cutie Alexa Rydell has a rather unusual fantasy. She's about to start her third year of university and there's one particular professor who has her absolutely smitten. She even signed up for one of his courses that she never would have taken had he not been the one teaching it. Although she will never admit who it is, Alexa does admit "Ever since my first day of class with him, I've had this obsessive fantasy to give him a blowjob. It makes it really hard to concentrate during class!" Her cheeks flush as she laughs and adds "It would be even hotter if I got a really bad grade on an exam and convinced him to change my grade by giving him the best blowjob he's ever had!" I tell her that all she has to do it show up in that sexy little number she's wearing for today's shoot and she'd walk out of the semester with the highest grade in the history of that class. "You think so?" she replies, and flips up the back of her lingerie to show off her favorite feature... her flawless round ass.

Alexa looks so stunning in her sheer black lingerie that it's almost a shame to have her take it off. But we're not in the business of modelling sexy lingerie. Tight, hot naked bodies are what we're all about, and Alexa has one of the tightest bodies I've ever laid eyes on. As she slides her lingerie down to her waist, her tiny titties come into view. She fondles them and twists her nipples between her thumb and index finger and tells us "I know... they're tiny but I love them. I wish they were bigger but I would never get fake tits!" That's good to hear because they're perfect the way they are... small but perky and they fit her petite body just right.

Removing her lingerie and black thong left Alexa wearing nothing but black thigh high stockings. She models her nearly-naked body for a few minutes before crawling onto the bed on all fours. Her bare booty is pointed straight at the camera and as she wiggles and shakes it back and forth, the only thing I can think is "Holy Sh*t!" There could not be a more perfect ass on the face of this planet, if you ask me. The way her pussy lips peeked out from just below her tight pink asshole only adds to the already-perfect view. Alexa arches her back and pushes her ass upward, and looking back at the camera, asks "So you still think all I need to do is wear my lingerie to class?" One look at Alexa posed on her hands and knees wearing nothing but stockings made me rethink my original comment. If her professor could see what I was seeing right then, Alexa could undoubtedly skate through the class without ever opening a book! In fact, maybe we should tell him that he can see much more of Alexa in all sorts of sexy poses by going to, bringing you some of the hottest and freshest girls on the net.

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Cynthia Hill Fantasy Fuck

22 year old Cynthia Hill loves to masturbate. A lot. Most days one orgasm just doesn't cut it... this insatiable hottie usually needs at least two in order to function like a normal human being. While she's busy stuffing her pussy with a myriad of toys, one of two thoughts usually occupies her naughty mind - either the hottest fuck session she's ever been part of, or the most erotic fantasy fuck she's still waiting to be a part of. As she stripped off her body-hugging pink pants and navy blue tank top, Cynthia started with the steamy fantasy she's already been lucky enough to experience.

"I was hanging out at a girlfriend's house one night, watching movies and having some drinks when her boyfriend came home early. They asked if I wanted to join the two of them in bed, and of course I couldn't say no!" As Cynthia got deeper into her hottest memory, she began drizzling scented massage oil on her huge natural tits. She let it trickle in slick trails over her hardened nipples before getting to work massaging her big round boobs. As she lubed and massaged them in big circular strokes, she continued with her story. "They both focused on me so much... I just loved all the attention! We licked, fucked and sucked in every position and from every angle, but my favorite part was when I was riding him in reverse cowgirl position. She was licking his dick while it slid in and out of my pussy, and every time he buried his cock inside me, her tongue would land on my clit. Pretty soon she was just going at my pussy like she almost forgot her boyfriend was right there fucking me at the same time. It was so fucking hot I can almost cum just by thinking about it!"

Cynthia positioned herself on her knees and ran her hands down her stomach and over her hips to her inner thighs. As she stroked back up the insides of her thighs, her hands brushed against her moist pussy and her whole body shuddered. A wicked grin spread over her face as she parted her soft pink pussy lips with one hand. Her other hand found her swollen clit and started massaging it, slowly and softly at first, growing more frantic as she started with her unfulfilled fantasy. "The only thing I can think of that would be even hotter than that would be to have a threesome with two other girls," she continued. "A naked, sweaty, passionate lesbian threesome. It would be so much fun to just go all out with two females at the same time." Cynthia's hips started pushing forward as if trying to trick her finger into sliding into her juicy wet hole. She was so turned on by that point that she was already half-way to orgasm and she hadn't even penetrated her aching pussy yet. You can see for yourself how she makes herself cum by going to, where you can see the whole erotic set in high quality pics and video.

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Cassie Laine Slick Wet Pussy

Growing up right outside of L.A. taught 19 year old Cassie Laine that being a good girl is boring and almost never gets her what she wants. There were just too many parties and cute boys for a girl with such over-protective parents. "I learned pretty early on that if I didn't ask, I wouldn't be told 'no'," she laughed. "I remember the first time I snuck out to go to a party... I think I was 14 and I felt like I had just discovered freedom!" Ever since then, being naughty became just a way of life for Cassie. As she pulled the top of her sheer nightie aside, I realized how glad I was that she's not the good little girl that she used to be. Those titties are amazing! I couldn't remember the last time I saw such perky boobs and suckable nipples on the same girl.

Cassie peeled her purple thong panties off from under her lingerie and taunted the camera with glimpses of her tiny pussy through the see-through fabric. It was as if she knew I have a thing for sheer clothing, because the way she teased made her nearly irresistible. To see a girl's curves right through the fabric... the contours of her round breasts, the delicate soft skin that leads to her nipples, the faint, deepening slit that disappears between her legs, all pretending to hide behind a curtain of transparent material ... is often more erotic than seeing them displayed completely nude. As Cassie slipped her nightie off over her hips and down her legs though, I thought it was going to be a toss-up between which was hotter... her scantily clad figure or her flawless naked body.

It wasn't long before I realized I didn't need to decide. As Cassie drizzled oil over her tits and let it run down her insanely flat stomach, finally reaching her smooth hairless pussy, I was mesmerized. She began rubbing it into her already-soft skin, making it glisten in the light. She was, without a doubt, so much sexier totally naked and smothered in oil than I ever thought possible. She didn't stop there though... after she had covered her entire body, Cassie leaned back on the massage table and spread her legs wide open, exposing her sweet fuck-hole as she parted her pussy lips with her fingers. As she began running her fingers up and down between her lips, I was once again grateful for gorgeous horny girls who are willing to break the rules. To see just how far this exotic fuck-bunny goes, head over to, where you can see the whole erotic set in high quality pics and video.

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Alexa Rydell Petite Pussy Pounding

Beautiful 20 year old Alexa Rydell is the perfect example of "girl next door". She's down-to-earth, fun and easy-going - the kind of person everybody feels comfortable talking to. Most people never guess that she's got such a wild streak in the bedroom. "I like it rough," she told us when we asked about her sex life. "I get so turned on when a guy grabs me by the neck and presses my face into the bed while fucking me from behind." So it was a little bit of a surprise when she took complete control at the beginning of the shoot. Alexa was like a cat on the prowl, pouncing on her victim with such enthusiasm that he didn't even know how to react. She yanked his pants open and had his cock standing to attention before he could even open his mouth to protest, although I'm willing to bet that protesting was the last thing on his mind.

Alexa dropped to her knees and immediately wrapped her lips around her stud's cock. Bobbing her head in and out, she gave him a warm-up blowjob that would make any lollipop envious. Her wet tongue swirled around his shaft, making him shiver with pleasure until he finally pulled out of her mouth to avoid an early explosion. Stripping his own pants off quickly, he sat on the sofa and grabbed Alexa by her hips. She let out a surprised laugh as she realized this was a guy who does know how to take control, and sunk her petite pussy down around his hard dick all the way to the balls. He reached his hands around to play with her tiny tits while Alexa bounced up and down on his cock, grinding her hips as she went down to get friction on her clit.

After giving her nipples several light pinches and a few tugs, Alexa's lover reached down to rub her clit while she rode him. It didn't take long before she was moaning and breathing so hard, I almost didn't understand her when she blurted out "I'm gonna cum!" Alexa made one final hard thrust down on his cock and exploded into orgasm, throwing her head back as her whole body tensed with pleasure. Before she had even stopped shuddering, the guy grabbed her by the hips again and lifted her off, throwing her down on her back on the sofa. He slid his cock into her dripping pussy again, ready for his own orgasmic climax. Between heavy breaths, Alexa looked up at him at said "Don't cum yet... I'm not done", then gave him a naughty grin as she reached for her pulsing clit for another round. You can see the whole raunchy hardcore set in high quality pics and video, only at

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Stacy Snake Upskirt Socks

Sexy brunette, Stacy Snake, looks super sexy in this photo set of her dressed up in a hot, little mini skirt, yellow tank-top and striped, knee-high stockings. "I feel like a naughty school girl in this outfit." The twenty-two-year-old Russian beauty said as she spun around to give the photographer a good look. She stood in front of a wooden desk which added to her school girl persona. When camera started flashing and Stacy started posing. She turned around to show off her tight, round ass in the mini skirt. She leaned over the desk, bent far over and pulled up the back of her mini skirt to give the camera a nice up-skirt shot. Stacy shook her hips, making her booty jiggle like a stripper. She knew just how to tease the camera with each of her voluptuous curves.

Stacy turned around to face the camera and continued her strip tease. She unbuttoned and unzipped the front of her skirt before letting it drop to the floor around her stocking clad ankles. Underneath the skirt she wore red satin panties that tied in red satin bows on each of her sexy hips. She posed so that the camera could catch a shot of her panties from every angle possible. The photographer was in heaven. Stacy then sat down at the desk chair with her knees together in a demure manner. She then lifted her yellow top up and over her head, exposing an amazing pair of full, perky tits with nice, pink nipples which Stacy then proceeded to pinch, making them hard and erect.

Topless and with only her red panties left on, Stacy stood up and began untying the ribbons on each of her hips. When they fell to the floor, Stacy was left standing fully naked with her fully hairless pussy exposed for all to see. She had white, porcelain like skin everywhere you looked and it gave her an untouched, almost virgin-like quality about her that was so so sexy. Stacy smiled into the camera and ran her hands all over her hot body. This strip tease had left her feeling horny and Stacy couldn't resisting reaching down to touch herself in the sweet spot between her legs. See even more of this gorgeous girl right now at

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Ginger Sweets Erotic Tease

Petite 19 year old Ginger Sweets loves cock! She just can't get enough. "I've been with the same guy for a couple of years now, but it's always been on and off... and right now we're off," she told us. But that doesn't stop this cock-craving cutie from getting laid whenever she wants. She figured out early on that a girl's pussy can be her deadliest weapon, and this naughty vixen isn't afraid to use hers to get what she wants. Ginger was more than happy to show us her moves, starting with the way she pushed her tiny tits out after dropping her shirt. She pinched her small nipples to attention, then shot the camera a look that said "I'm just getting started..."

Ginger slipped her plaid mini skirt off and turned around to show us her delicious derrière in a thong, wiggling it like she had a dance pole between her thighs. With her thumbs hooked through the sides of her panties, Ginger pulled them down just enough to make everybody in the room want more, then pulled them back into place like an expert cock-tease. Then she hoisted her thong up around her waist, making it tuck between her pussy lips for a perfect camel toe. She claims she's never been an exotic dancer... at least not professionally, but it's clear that this girl has moves that would make any man empty his wallet.

After playfully slipping her thong panties off, Ginger pulled the chair away from the way and straddled it with her legs spread wide apart. Grinding her hips, she gave that lucky chair a lap dance as if there were a man sitting in it, boner in hand and drooling over her tight body. As she stood, she slid to fingers into her mouth, sucking gently and swirling her wet tongue around them. With one leg propped up on the chair in front of her, she brought her fingers to her exposed pussy and ran them between the soft lips. "If I really had a man here right now, this is when I would tell him to fuck me. Hard!" she purred, pushing the tips of her fingers into her tight wet hole. "I LOVE to be fucked standing up!" Ginger has a lot more to show you, and you can see it all at, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Arial Rose Pussy Perfection

The fresh faced co-ed Arial Rose, 23 years old, is breaking into the industry with a vengeance! She has a hunger for success, and will stop at nothing to become a full time model! The sassy attitude she easily possesses comes through the screen like no other. Her fierce and piercing eyes intently gaze upon the camera as if to scream out for someone to come fuck her desiring mouth. "I love when men take control of my pussy. I tend to make all the moves... like I'm the aggressor, so it is nice to have that rough play back and forth with someone who is the same" she revealed. The rock hard body and full perky tits make Arial simply delightful to look at, but even better fantasized about!

Following her long silky brown locks down the smooth curve of her back, you come to Arial's greatest asset; her firm, round, juicy ass. This luscious mound of perfection is actually Aria's favorite part of her body. "I love my ass! It's perfect for grabbing and holding on to when I am getting fucked hard from behind" she said. This diva really does love huge cock and will show it to the world now! Her tight, clean shaved pussy is perfection to a T. She is always horny and loves to masturbate. Not one day passes before she has to rub her clit, finger fuck herself, or ride a dildo to find pleasure.

"I actually like rough sex. It is like... I don't know... the harder you fuck me, the more I cum!" she confessed eagerly. Shyness is not something that is in Arial's blood, and we are oh so thankful for that! She was willing to strip down completely and spread her sweet pussy lips so you can see first hand what she has to offer! Her tiny waist and long satin like legs only accentuate her delectable pussy. You have to see what she does on video, and you can also see all of her picture sets only on

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Stacy Snake Panty Babe

Stacy Snake is one hot ass brunette who loves to show off for anyone that might be watching. She's twenty-two and from Russia and she's not the least bit shy about stripping down and showing us her rockin' hot body. "I am a very sexual person." Stacy tells us as she lifts up her pink tank-top to flash her perfect pair of perky tits and hard nipples. "I like to pretend that someone is watching me when I masturbate or even when i'm with someone. Peeping toms are hot." So of course Stacy was also turned on by the fact that many many people would soon be watching these videos and looking at these pictures she was posing for so this photo shoot was extra steamy.

Stacy pulled her tank top up and over her head and tossed it to the side. Then, topless, Stacy climbed up on a chair and sat down at the edge of the dining room table, striking a series of extra seductive poses while stroking her tits and pinching her pink nipples. Then she ran her hands down her flat stomach and to her pink lacey panties where she slipped her fingers into the sides and teased the camera expertly. She gave herself a camel toe and giggled, "I know how much guys love that." Then finally, Stacy let the panties fall to her ankles and her shaved pussy was fully exposed.

Stacy kicked the panties off and then stood up to give the camera the full frontal view of her hot, naked body. Her skin was white and silky and flawless and it looked beautiful with her long dark hair and dark eyes. She had no tattoos and no piercing's, just a hot, flawless body that looked like it was begging for a good fuck against the dining room table. When we asked Stacy what turned her on the most she replied; "Nothing gets my kitty purring more than sucking dick, I cant help but reach down and play with myself when I give head." See even more of this naughty, little sex kitten right now, only at

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