Jane Rae Uniform Hottie

Jane Rae is a sensual and sexual brunette beauty from Russia. She is twenty three years old and she tells us that likes boys AND girls. "I am bisexual. I have a boyfriend and girlfriend." Jane states matter of factly. "They fight over me and I love it." I can definitely see why. Jane Rae has that dark and mysterious quality that drives most men crazy (in a good way). With her silky smooth, dark hair, tan skin, and very seductive bedroom eyes that are a light blue color which contrast beautifully with her dark hair and dark skin. Her body is also out of this world as you can clearly see. Very tight, toned and slightly muscled with endless tanned, smooth skin in every direction. And the school girl outfit she chose to shoot in is enough to drive any man completely wild. "For some reason men love a hot girl in school girl's clothes." Jane said. Yes, they most certainly do.

Jane was in the bathroom, topless with only a red plaid tie around her neck that hung between her perky tits. She wore nothing underneath her school girl skirt which she showed off to the full extent by turning around and pulling the skirt up from behind. Her ass was perfectly round, firm, and tight. Jane reached her manicured hands back with their red painted nails to spread her ass open very wide for the camera, displaying a super sexy pussy and everything else in that region. She stood on her tip toes to give the camera an even better view of all her delicious goodies.

"I'm feeling a little dirty now." Jane giggled after a series of very sexually explicit poses. "Why don't I hop in the shower and you can photograph me getting myself nice and clean?" Of course everyone agreed to this idea. So Jane stripped off the rest of her clothes, turned the water on, and hopped in. She slowly brought the nozzle to her chest and let the warm water cascade down her amazing body. It glistened beautifully in the lighting. Watch as Jane gets herself even more wet, only at Nubiles.net.

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