Eva Kay Sweet Seduction

It wasn't my intention to surprise Eva Kay as she was getting ready to take a shower, but we can't say that I regret my mistake. Wrapped in a short pink towel that didn't quite reach her lovely round bottom, Eva looked up in surprise when I pushed the door open. "Oh, you startled me! It's a good thing you came in while I'm still mostly decent. I was just about ready to drop the towel!" I knew I should feel some embarrassment and make an excuse to leave, but I couldn't stop my eyes from wandering the blonde bombshell's slender body.

Eva watched me watch her as we stood at an impasse, clutching the towel to her little breasts but letting me look at all of the other assets she was showing off. "You seem so interested," she murmured at last, breaking the silence. "Was there anything you needed? Anything I can do for you?" She dropped the towel as she spoke and kicked it away, leaving her lean tan body bare for me to stare at. Placing her hands on her flat belly, she slowly raised them up until she was cupping her perfect small tits.

By that point, my mouth was so dry that I couldn't respond to her question. My dick was pulsing in my pants as I stared at the show that Eva offered so sweetly. Her eyes dropped to the bulge in my pants and she gave a knowing smile, licking her plump lips. "Actually, there was something I was planning on doing for myself. Do you want to watch?" All I could do was nod enthusiastically, and Eva took over from there. Seating herself on the edge of the bathtub, she spread her long legs. I could see little beads of moisture all over her shaved pussy and I knew that her exhibitionism was turning her on, a fact she confirmed when she pushed her fingers deep into her fuck hole and moaned with satisfaction. You can watch Eva's whole crazy seduction to see what she does next right now only at Nubiles.net.

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